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Digital First represents a ubiquitous and tireless commitment by the entire Motlow community to deep integration of emerging technologies into our teaching, learning, and student support services.

Staff Directory

Terry Durham
Terry Durham

Mark Landrum
Mark Landrum
Director of Digital Learning Technologies

Dakota Cunningham
Dakota Cunningham
Digital First Learning Technician

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Office of Digital First Learning

Digital First is not a discrete department, but a mindset—a mission so deeply ingrained in our teaching, learning, and program administration that it does not and cannot exist as a separate entity housed in an office on one of our campuses. Instead, Digital First represents a ubiquitous and tireless commitment by the entire Motlow community to deep integration of emerging technologies into our teaching, learning, and student support services. Digital First is a call to action for each of our faculty, staff, and administrators to put ourselves in the role of learners on a daily basis and to take risks in the pursuit of academic excellence through the integration of emerging technologies. Digital First supports and makes possible the level of learner engagement that ensures the highest possible rates of enrollment, retention, persistence, and graduation. The term represents both a personal commitment expected of Motlow community members as well as an institutional commitment to making Digital First objectives a top priority.

The Dean of Digital First Learning provides direct support to faculty, staff, and administrators across the Motlow community. In addition to providing a diverse array of training opportunities and formats to suit the individual style and schedule, this position is committed to providing just-in-time support, academic technology resources, and best practice from across the higher education landscape. We are prepared to partner with each and every campus, department, team, and individual to develop personalized professional development plans, course design strategies, and academic program planning from the course level up!

In addition to providing support, training, and resources related to academic technology, the Dean of Digital First Learning oversees online teaching and learning and is the primary contact for TN eCampus for the Motlow community.

Classroom Technology

As Director of Digital First Technologies, Mark Landrum, oversees the classroom technology associated with Digital First Learning. Connecting classrooms with ITV and bringing them alive with Smart Room technology are Mark’s top priorities. Motlow’s four campuses are connected with classroom ITV satellite feeds, which allow students to take a class on the campus closest to their home or work.

Motlow realizes that Digital First Learning is not just online learning! Technology enhancements are an important part of face-to-face learning in the brick and mortar classroom as well. As of 2017:

  • 100% of Motlow's classrooms are smart classrooms equipped with interactive technologies;
  • 25% are computer lab classrooms with a computer for each learner; and
  • 30% are fully equipped laboratories or ITV rooms.

This means that a full 100% of our classrooms make state-of-the-art technology available to Motlow's learners.

Video Production

In addition to assisting Mark with classroom technology, Dakota Cunningham provides Learning Management System (LMS) support in D2L and video production services to the campuses. Anyone planning a video production project is encouraged to contact Dakota early in the planning process for critical support and guidance designed to keep you productive and compliant with templates, accessibility standards, production and technical quality.

Let Us Help

Please feel free to contact us to schedule one-on-one or group training, services, strategy sessions, or consultations on how to integrate Digital First Learning into your on-ground or virtual classroom. We don't always know the answers to your questions immediately, but we're always happy to help you find them. We look forward to supporting your efforts to integrate digital technologies into teaching, learning, and program administration.