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Customer Service Center

What is the Customer Service Center?

Formerly the Call Center, which operated seasonally, during times of high call volume, the Customer Service Center is comprised of four, year-round, temporary Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). Each CSR works approximately 25 hours per week, 50 weeks per year. Their shifts are staggered so there is usually at least one CSR available from 8:00am – 4:30pm daily.

The Customer Service Center works as a filter to answer frequently asked questions and direct more complicated calls to the appropriate staff member. We answer the following published department extensions:

  • 1520: Admission & Records
  • 1531: Business Office
  • 1553: Financial Aid
  • 1628: Nursing & Allied Health
  • 1763: Testing

The CSR phones are configured in a way that allows them to answer each of these published department extensions from wherever they are stationed.

This works best because if at any time all four customer service workers are already on the phone or unavailable, the call can still be answered by the appropriate department. CSRs are trained to answer calls within the first two rings. This allows us to follow the Three Ring Rule:

if your office's published line rings a third time, that means that CSRs are not available and you will want to answer. If staff are also unavailable, the call goes directly to the department's general voice mail box.

CSRs are also available to help with short-term projects when incoming call volume is low. Request for Short-Term Project Assistance

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