Fred Rascoe
Dean of Career and Technical Programs
(931) 668-7010 Ext. 2123
[email protected]
McMinnville Center 164

Paul Sand
Curriculum Chair, Mechatronics
[email protected]
(931) 668-7010 ext. 2139

Ingrid Rascoe
(931) 668-7010 Ext. 2109
[email protected]


Career Readiness Faculty

Omar Tantawi, Mechatronics instructor
Office: Smyrna STH 214
[email protected]

Kevin Brown, Mechatronics instructor
Office: Smyrna STH 132
[email protected]

Eric Reynolds, Mechatronics instructor
Office: Fayetteville FC 045
[email protected]
931-438-0028 ext. 3035

Melissa Paz, Mechatronics instructor
Office: McMinnville MC 135 [email protected] 931-668-7010 ext. 2146

Mr. Paul Sand, Instructor
Office: McMinnville MC 164
[email protected]
931-668-7010 ext. 2139

Rick Rogers, Mechatronics Instructor
Office: Fayetteville Campus
[email protected]
931-438-0028 ext. 3075

Richard Blackburn, Mechatronics Instructor
Office: McMinnville and Warren County High School Campus
[email protected]
931-668-7010 ext. 2114

John Oliver, Mechatronics instructor
Office: McMinnville MC137
[email protected]
931-668-7010 ext. 2149