Finance and Administration

The primary functions of the office are to provide budgetary support services to the various administrative departments, to prepare the July and October Budgets submitted to the Tennessee Board of Regents, and to prepare the annual appropriation request submitted to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Vice President

Hilda Tunstill
[email protected]

Business Office

Jay Turney, Comptroller
931-393-1611, [email protected]

Sandy Schaffer, Director of Fiscal Services
931-393-1536, [email protected]

Terry Bigham, Senior Accountant
931-393-1522, [email protected]

Patty Moore, Assistant Treasurer, Foundation
931-393-1686, [email protected]


Brian Gafford, Director
931-393-1576, [email protected]

Information Systems

Cindy Logan, Chief Information Officer
931-393-1588, [email protected]

Lara McKinnon, System Administrator
931-393-1585, [email protected]

Public Safety

Ray Higginbotham, Director
931-393-1737, [email protected]