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Student Activity REQUEST FORM

This form is to be used to request Student Activity Fee (SAF) funding. Any club, organization, or course for co-curricular activities can seek funding. Requests need to be completed by either a club officer or faculty connected to course syllabi. Requesters must review SAF guidelines, found at Policy 3:00:00:05.

For questions, please contact the Dean of Students office at [email protected].

All activities must comply with all Motlow policiesincluding the Drug/Alcohol-Free policy.

Motlow students play volleyball during spring fling


SAF policy acknowledgment *
Motlow Campus(es) associated with the request *

Learning Outcomes

Please present 2-3 learning outcomes for the event/activity that is associated with the club, organization or course objectives.

I understand that all paperwork, must be filed with the Dean of Students before any funds will be released. The Dean of Students office is not responsible for completing this paperwork
I understand that if a request exceeds $1,000, it is subject to more scrutiny by the SAF committee, and if in excess of $2,000 the committee will most likely request a presentation before awarding funds.*
I understand that an event evaluation is due no later than the last day of classes for which the event took place. If an evaluation is not turned in to the Dean of Students office, future funding may be jeopardized.*

The Student Activity Fee (SAF)

  • The Student Activity Fee (SAF) supports co-curricular activities led by clubs and organizations, entities, and courses.
  • The College must recognize the group or activity as providing the campus with those cultural, educational, social, and community engagement programs essential to a well-rounded student life, notwithstanding the TBR policy.
  • Please request funds by completing the above form. The forms are compiled by the Dean of Students office and reviewed with the Student Activity Fees Committee. All funding requests for the upcoming fiscal year will be submitted in early April. Entities can apply for funding during the academic year on a first-come, first-serve basis by consulting the Dean of Students. The Student Activity Fee Committee meets to review the submissions and make determinations for fund distribution before the end of the spring semester.
  • Co-curricular activities are essential to the college educational process. The experiential learning associated with activities outside of the classroom assist with more in-depth knowledge and critical thinking skill development (Chickering, A.W. & Kuh, G.D., 2005). Studies show that campus engagement leads to educational enrichment leading to improved GPA and meeting timely educational goals (Kuh, G.D. & Kinzie, J., 2005). Further, when students know that they matter to an institution that is demonstrated through co-curricular engagement, they are more likely to complete their educational experience (Manning, K. & Kuh, G.D., 2005).
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