At its core, Motlow State is about people. Our Foundation is also about people—funded by people, directed by people, serving people—providing people financial resources.

Motlow College Foundation and Advancement

At its core, Motlow College is about people. Our Foundation is also about people - funded by people, directed by people, serving people — providing people financial resources. These financial resources are necessary to offer scholarships, support program development, and maintain first-rate facilities that will allow our students the opportunity to pursue careers in the programs of their choice. We are fortunate to have citizens in our service area that are genuine in their desire to serve others and who want to support the next generation's opportunities for success, happiness and benevolence.

Motlow College serves many first generation college students who have limited financial and emotional support. Without clear direction and guidance some students become overwhelmed by the process and are unable to seek assistance. We all lose when potential goes untapped. One of the goals of Motlow College is for students to graduate free of student loan debt and scholarship funds are essential in meeting this goal. The Motlow College Foundation strives to make these goals a reality.

To our Alumni

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Motlow Ladies Philanthropic Society:

Fill out the MLPS Membership Application and mail it to: Motlow College Foundation, Dept. 160, P.O. Box 8500, Lynchburg, TN 37352-8500.