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The ACCUPLACER is a placement test that assesses students' level of skill and readiness for collegiate courses. The test is used as part of the admissions process to determine your level of college readiness in English, Reading, and Math. The test is computerized, multiple-choice, and not timed. The test is not a pass or fail test.

Responses to each question drive the next question's difficulty level, so it's essential to give each question as much thought as possible before selecting an answer. The ACCUPLACER is scored on a scale of 200 - 300. A score of 250 or higher is needed in any subject area for college-level placement. Scores falling below 250 will demonstrate learning support placement.

The ACCUPLACER can be taken to challenge Learning Support course placement. The ACCUPLACER test is not required for college placement. Multiple factors such as ACT scores, high school transcripts, or transfer college credits can be used by the college admissions office to determine your placement in college coursework. To learn more about Learning Support placement, please visit the College Catalog.

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Appointments are available throughout the year at our campus testing rooms. Please choose one of the campus locations below to schedule an appointment for in-person testing:

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