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Register for Classes (Traditional)

How to View The Full Course Schedule

  1. Log into your MyMotlow account
    • You can access this by going to the Motlow webpage and clicking on Motlow Hub
  2. Select
    • Student Tab
    • Registration from Student menu
    • Add or Drop Classes – select term, for example, Spring 2021
      • If you already have the CRN’s, type them in here and click Submit. If no CRN’s, continue to
    • Class Search
    • Advanced Class Search
  3. Select the class that you want to register for, for example, English
  4. Enter the course number, continued example: 1020 (for English II)
  5. Select the Campus you would like to attend
  6. Click the Search button
    • C = closed class
    • ❑ = the class is available for registration
    • If the box does not have a “C” or a selectable clear box, it means that you are already registered in that class
  7. Select the class that you would like to register for
    • Please review the classes carefully to make sure you know what the class format is
  8. Click the “REGISTER” button


  • G: On-ground
  • ON: Online with no fixed class times
  • OFF: Online with fixed class times
  • B: Blended online/on-ground with fixed class times
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