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Register for Classes (Using Schedule Planner)

How to Use Schedule Planner

  1. Log into your MyMotlow account
    • You can access this by going to the Motlow webpage and clicking on Motlow Hub
  2. Select
    • Student Tab
    • Registration from Student menu
    • Schedule Planner (click on Schedule Planner) – choose the term, for example: Spring 2021
    • Select Campus
  3. Click Add Course
    • From the drop-down boxes:
      • Select the subject, then
      • Select the course
    • Click “Add Course”. A confirmation message will be displayed
    • Repeat until all desired courses are added
  4. After all courses have been added, click on “Schedule Planner” at top of page
  5. Add Breaks for when you do not want to take classes
    • Click “Add Break”
    • Name the break
    • Set Times & Select Days
    • Click Add Break
  6. Now, click “Generate Schedules” -> A list of schedules will appear. Click “View” to see the first one
    • Upper right-hand corner are arrows to scroll left or right through schedules
    • Please review the classes carefully to make sure you know what the class format is. You can do this by double clicking on the class block
  7. While viewing desired schedule, click on “Send to Shopping Cart”. This will return you to MyMotlow
    • You are not yet registered for these classes
  8. To complete registration, you much click “REGISTER” in the Schedule Planner Cart


  • G: On-ground
  • ON: Online with no fixed class times
  • OFF: Online with fixed class times
  • B: Blended online/on-ground with fixed class times
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