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Locations & Hours

Smyrna - STH 122
Mon. 9-12, Tues. 9-3, Wed. 9-12 & 2-5, Thurs. 9-3, Fri. 9-4 (see online schedule for additional etutoring availability)

Moore County - CGL 219
Mon. 8-4, Tues. 8-9 & 11-6, Wed. 8-2, Thurs. 8-9 & 11-5 (see online schedule for additional etutoring availability)

McMinnville - Library Lab
Mon & Wed. 11-3, Tues. & Thurs. 10-12 (see online schedule for additional etutoring availability)

Fayetteville - Library
Mon. 1-4, Tues. 2-4, Wed. 3-5, Thurs. 1-3

Writing Center Tutors

Jenna CaviezelJenna Caviezel is both a Writing Center tutor and the Writing Center Coordinator. With help from her amazing tutors, she keeps the Writing Centers running smoothly on all four campuses. Jenna has been working in Writing Centers since 2006 and began teaching English at Motlow in 2012. As a tutor, she's happy to help any student with any kind of writing, but she especially enjoys sessions that focus on creative pieces like poems or short stories. In a tutoring session, you may also meet her alter ego — Captain Comma — whose superpowers include educating the masses regarding proper comma usage and transforming into a giant comma. (Really, she has a cape and everything.) If you have any questions or comments about the Writing Center, she'd love to hear from you. Just email her at!

Ava AndersonAva Anderson is a Mechatronics major and an honors student. She really enjoys writing because it is relaxing and helps her to express what she means in actual words. She wanted to become a tutor because she enjoys helping people understand academic subjects and wanted to help other students like her become more confident in writing.

Donna BrewerDonna Brewer teaches composition and literature courses on the Moore County Campus. After seventeen years in the high school classroom, she is thrilled to be an English instructor at Motlow, where she studied in the mid 1990s. Brewer went on to earn BA and MA degrees from Sewanee: The University of the South and enjoys helping students develop a passion for the written word. From brainstorming to drafting to revision, she is fascinated with the writing process and the way each student learns and experiences language in unique ways. Her favorite author is William Shakespeare, so don't be surprised if he roots his way into your tutoring session! When Brewer isn't teaching or grading, she enjoys crafting and spending time with her family and Rocco, the family mutt.

Kaytella FuquaKaytella Fuqua is a sophomore Education major at MSCC in McMinnville. She is currently working to complete her Associates Degree. She is currently a member of Phi Theta Kappa. The next step in her educational journey is to complete the 2+2 program and become a teacher. Kaytella loves to read, loves spending time with her son, and enjoys being involved in church. She is very focused on her educational goals and enjoys a challenge. She also loves to motivate and help others educationally. Kaytella loves to write; it is her way of expressing herself. She is happy and ready to work with anyone throughout their writing process!

Byron GoodmanBryon Goodman is a Nursing major and peer tutor at the Smyrna Writing Center. He spent two years working in surgery before deciding to become a nurse. Bryon hopes to attend Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia to become a CRNA after receiving his ASN and BSN degrees.

Lynette GoughLynette Gough is an embedded tutor and a former adjunct English instructor for Motlow State Community College. She has also taught at A & M University and Calhoun State Community College. She received her master's degree from University of Alabama in Huntsville. She is from New Orleans and relocated after Hurricane Katrina. She crochets and loves her cats, Hadassah and Vashti, a calico and a tortoiseshell, very much. She is launching her online thrift store, Your Greatest Finds, in late 2017.

Lisa HardieLisa Hardie is a sophomore majoring in both English and psychology at Motlow State Community College, and she intends to pursue her bachelor's degree in psychology while minoring in writing and neuroscience at MTSU. She loves writing and enjoys speaking with others about the writing process. When she's not tutoring, Lisa listens to audiobooks, plays guitar, knits, and works as a secretary officer for Phi Theta Kappa.

Jennie HillJennie Hill is an accounting major at Motlow and will graduate with her Associates degree in December 2017. After she graduates from Motlow, she plans to transfer to Tennessee Tech University. She hopes to attain her CPA and help others with their financial needs. She is a part of the Motlow Honors Program and serves as a Big Geek in the honors mentoring program! During my free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with my family and friends. She also loves Pinterest and enjoys making different DIY crafts! She is very excited to help students with their papers and can't wait to share her own writing experiences with others!

Dr. William H. 'Bill' KrausDr. William H. "Bill" Kraus has been with Motlow State since 2005, teaching primarily a wide range of Political Science courses, both at the Smyrna and the Fayetteville campuses. A teacher, both full time and adjunct, at a number of Tennessee and California colleges for the past forty years, he considers it "top priority" to help, support and motivate students to develop their writing skills to a high level of excellence. This, of course, serves as a "gateway" for professional and personal success throughout a lifetime. Dr. Kraus has used his writing skills as a City Manager in six communities, as an owner of a non-profit association management services firm, and as a teacher. Writing effectively even played an important role in his early days when he was one of Hawaii's top "Rock" D.Js, known to his radio listeners as "Wild Willy".

Carolyn PooleCarolyn Poole has been an Instructor of English at the McMinnville campus since Fall 2009. She loves helping students improve their writing skills and is especially good at assisting with thesis statements, topic sentences, and transitional phrases.

Sarah RaymondSarah Raymond is a sophomore at the Moore County campus of Motlow, and she is an English major hoping to one day work in the editing and publishing field. Sarah is the historian for Phi Theta Kappa and the Sophomore Senator for Motlow State Student Ministry. In her free time, she loves to do sing, dance, read, write, and do almost anything else that is creative or artsy. Sarah loves to help people, and she cannot wait to help you with your writing!

Michelle RobertsMichelle Roberts is a very upbeat person and is enthusiastic about helping students with their writing. While her academic studies have finely tuned her writing skills, she vividly remembers the frustration of burning the midnight oil with endless hours of drafting to gain a final masterpiece for her English professor. In her tutoring hours, she hopes to assist you with your writing needs. Hopefully, she can also reduce some frustration for you and limit some of those late night drafting sessions.

Emma SagorEmma Sagor is in her sophomore year here at Motlow State. She is passionate about the arts and loves to express her creativity through photography, design, and writing. She hopes to pursue something in the field of the arts after she leaves Motlow. She is currently involved in the Honors program and is a part of Phi Theta Kappa. For Emma, writing has been something she has loved to do for quite some time, she loves to express herself through her papers - especially creative writing assignments and in her spare time writes songs. She loves to help others express themselves through their own writing too and show them writing doesn't have to be a thing to be dreaded, it can be fun! She has a bright, bubbly personality and she can't wait to help you build your confidence in your writing and work with you on any assignment you bring in. Don't be shy; stop by and say hi!

Wes SpratlinWes Spratlin has taught English at Motlow for 17 years. He is a big believer in simplifying the mystery of writing for his students, and he works hard to find ways to prove to students that most of what they do in writing class is what they already do every day outside of school: communicate their thoughts, desires, and arguments via audience-appropriate vocabulary, context, and formats. Most students just need a little help getting used to the vocabulary, context, and format expected of them in college. When not teaching or tutoring, Wes loves films, family, and football!

Emily YardumianEmily Yardumian is a freshman at the Moore County branch of Motlow. She is double majoring in Music and Computer Science. Decoded, that means she is learning to help you write in the languages of English, C++, or in the universal language of music! One of her passions is encouraging other students to aim high in their academic expectations, and she is ready to do what she can in the Writing Center to help them meet those goals.