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Smyrna - STH 122
Mon. 9-12, Tues. 9-3, Wed. 9-12 & 2-5, Thurs. 9-3, Fri. 9-4 (see online schedule for additional etutoring availability)

Moore County - CGL 219
Mon. 8-4, Tues. 8-9 & 11-6, Wed. 8-2, Thurs. 8-9 & 11-5 (see online schedule for additional etutoring availability)

McMinnville - Library Lab
Mon & Wed. 11-3, Tues. & Thurs. 10-12 (see online schedule for additional etutoring availability)

Fayetteville - Library
Mon. 1-4, Tues. 2-4, Wed. 3-5, Thurs. 1-3

Writing Center Tutors

Donna BrewerDonna Brewer teaches composition and literature courses on the Moore County Campus. After seventeen years in the high school classroom, she is thrilled to be an English instructor at Motlow, where she studied in the mid 1990s. Brewer went on to earn BA and MA degrees from Sewanee: The University of the South and enjoys helping students develop a passion for the written word. From brainstorming to drafting to revision, she is fascinated with the writing process and the way each student learns and experiences language in unique ways. Her favorite author is William Shakespeare, so don't be surprised if he roots his way into your tutoring session! When Brewer isn't teaching or grading, she enjoys crafting and spending time with her family and Rocco, the family mutt.

Clay BroussardClay Broussard has been teaching at MSCC off and on for over 20 years. He usually teaches ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020 English Composition courses, and British, American, and World Literature courses and loves them all! His other influence was music. From the moment he saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan as a kid, he was hooked. He later toured the Southeast in a band in the 1980s, trying to become a rock star. Sadly, they only made it as far as Puerto Rico! His obsession with music continues to this day: in 2013 he co-wrote a pop EDM single with his daughter that was a huge hit in France. He wrote for The Huntsville Times for ten years as the music columnist, where he got to combine my two skills in music and writing. Writing professionally taught him the necessity of writing in a disciplined manner consistently and on a deadline—something Motlow students know about already! He looks forward to meeting students and working with them as they create their next papers. Writing is an art and a craft—a craft that requires strategy and hard work. And believe it or not, it is very similar to songwriting—both require structure, discipline, and creativity. And yes, both can be quite rewarding.

Jenna CaviezelJenna Caviezel is both a Writing Center tutor and the Writing Center Coordinator. With help from her amazing tutors, she keeps the Writing Centers running smoothly on all four campuses. Jenna has been working in Writing Centers since 2006 and began teaching English at Motlow in 2012. As a tutor, she's happy to help any student with any kind of writing, but she especially enjoys sessions that focus on creative pieces like poems or short stories. In a tutoring session, you may also meet her alter ego — Captain Comma — whose superpowers include educating the masses regarding proper comma usage and transforming into a giant comma. (Really, she has a cape and everything.) If you have any questions or comments about the Writing Center, she'd love to hear from you. Just email her at!

Calleb CapshawCalleb Capshaw became a peer tutor for the McMinnville Writing Center in 2015. He is a Motlow State Community College alumnus; he graduated summa cum laude with an A.S. in Sociology. While attending Motlow, Calleb held leadership positions in both the Student Government Association and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Later, Calleb began work with Phi Theta Kappa advisors in the hopes of cultivating a new organization that would accompany the local Phi Theta Kappa chapter at Motlow. After months of hard work, the creation was finally able to take its first steps as an organization. The Alpha Xi Pi Alumni Association was designed to be a readily available resource that current members of the local Phi Theta Kappa chapter at Motlow could use — and later become a part of. Outside of his involvement with Phi Theta Kappa, Calleb spends the majority of his time reading and writing.

JuliAnna DykesJuliAnna Dykes is a returning sophomore at Motlow State Community College. She is a pre-health major. JuliAnna aspires to attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga after Motlow to study pre-medicine. She will double major in biology and psychology. She wants to be a medical doctor, specifically a pediatrician. On the Moore County Campus, she is heavily involved. JuliAnna is the president of the Student Government Association (SGA) and lead geek for the Big Geek/Little Geek Honors Program. JuliAnna is obsessed with Harry Potter and Star Wars. In her very little free time, JuliAnna volunteers and shadows at Tennova Healthcare (Harton) in Tullahoma, hikes, paints, sporadically dances, and eats far too much Mexican food. You can find her at a white board writing chemical formulas on most days; science is her passion. If you need help with APA style, JuliAnna's your girl!

Sheila Faircloth is an apprentice wordsmith (also known as an English major) who also serves as the evening librarian at Motlow's Fayetteville Campus. An avid bibliophile and gamer, her dream is to become a writer. She is happy to help anyone at any stage of the writing process.

Kaytella FuquaKaytella Fuqua is a sophomore Education major at MSCC in McMinnville. She is currently working to complete her Associates Degree. She is currently a member of Phi Theta Kappa. The next step in her educational journey is to complete the 2+2 program and become a teacher. Kaytella loves to read, loves spending time with her son, and enjoys being involved in church. She is very focused on her educational goals and enjoys a challenge. She also loves to motivate and help others educationally. Kaytella loves to write; it is her way of expressing herself. She is happy and ready to work with anyone throughout their writing process!

Emily GleasonEmily Gleason is a sophomore here at Motlow majoring in Psychology. Next fall, she'll be transferring to MTSU to double major in Animal Science with a Horse Science concentration and in Psychology to eventually pursue a career in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. She loves riding and writing, both of which have become hobbies in her free time. She's more than happy to work with anyone who's stumped on a paper or project. And she's hoping to learn a few things along the way right alongside you!

Byron GoodmanBryon Goodman is a Nursing major and peer tutor at the Smyrna Writing Center. He spent two years working in surgery before deciding to become a nurse. Bryon hopes to attend Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia to become a CRNA after receiving his ASN and BSN degrees.

Andrea GreenAndrea Green is an English instructor at the Smyrna campus. She began her relationship with Motlow as a student in 2009. She then earned her B.A. in literary studies from MTSU and her M.A. in literature from the University of Alabama. She's a Crimson Tide fan, but considers Motlow her true home. A former McNair Scholar, Andrea understands the importance of mentorship. Teaching and mentoring students impassions her, so tutoring in the Writing Centers suits her perfectly! When she's not teaching, she's writing short stories, reading anything by Lee Smith, playing with her two corgi mixes (Beorn and Weasley), or scanning Pinterest for DIY projects.

Dr. William H. 'Bill' KrausDr. William H. "Bill" Kraus has been with Motlow State since 2005, teaching primarily a wide range of Political Science courses, both at the Smyrna and the Fayetteville campuses. A teacher, both full time and adjunct, at a number of Tennessee and California colleges for the past forty years, he considers it "top priority" to help, support and motivate students to develop their writing skills to a high level of excellence. This, of course, serves as a "gateway" for professional and personal success throughout a lifetime. Dr. Kraus has used his writing skills as a City Manager in six communities, as an owner of a non-profit association management services firm, and as a teacher. Writing effectively even played an important role in his early days when he was one of Hawaii's top "Rock" D.Js, known to his radio listeners as "Wild Willy".

Mary Jo JohnsonMary Jo Johnson is in her second year of teaching full time at Motlow. Prior to teaching fulltime, she was an adjunct while teaching at The Webb School in Bell Buckle. Johnson taught at Webb for 16 years and coached girls' soccer and girls' lacrosse. While teaching 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, she helped developing writers to gain the confidence and the abilities needed to be successful in the classroom. Mrs. Johnson believes in meeting writers where they are and moving them forward. When she is not at Motlow in Smyrna, Mrs. Johnson enjoys reading, being outside, and spending time with her family. She especially enjoys spending time with her two granddaughters, ages 3 and 1, who live in Knoxville.

Denalyn LindseyDenalyn Lindsey is a returning sophomore at Motlow. She is an English major as well as a Big Geek for the Honors Program. She has taken both English 1010 and 1020, and is currently enrolled in British Literature and World Literature. Reading, and the world of literature, has always been a passion of hers, and she hopes to help others express their thoughts in creative ways through the art of writing.

Alexandra PerezAlexandra Perez, a returning sophomore at Motlow State Community College, majors in Criminal Justice in hopes of one day obtaining her Juris Doctorate degree. As an Honors Program mentor and tutor and Phi Theta Kappa Vice President, Alexandra is happiest while assisting her peers on his or her academic journey. When she is not procrastinating on an assignment, Alexandra can be found working at Barrelhouse Barbeque and Beautiful Me Boutique, job shadowing at the Lincoln county courthouse, and spending most of her money on food.

Carolyn PooleCarolyn Poole has been an Instructor of English at the McMinnville campus since Fall 2009. She loves helping students improve their writing skills and is especially good at assisting with thesis statements, topic sentences, and transitional phrases.

Carolyn PooleElissa Pugh has been teaching ESL and English at community colleges since 2007. She has also taught every age group from preschool to high school in a variety of settings. Elissa has three children and a cat with whom she is currently angry (the cat, not the children). Reading and binge watching Netflix are her favorite things to do in her spare time. Elissa looks forward to working with students in the Writing Center and help them discover their writing potential!

Wes SpratlinWes Spratlin has taught English at Motlow for 17 years. He is a big believer in simplifying the mystery of writing for his students, and he works hard to find ways to prove to students that most of what they do in writing class is what they already do every day outside of school: communicate their thoughts, desires, and arguments via audience-appropriate vocabulary, context, and formats. Most students just need a little help getting used to the vocabulary, context, and format expected of them in college. When not teaching or tutoring, Wes loves films, family, and football!

Ronald Wilson is a sophomore Pre-Physical Therapy major at Motlow's Smyrna campus. In his spare time he enjoys composing music, writing stories, exercising, and reading. Ronald spent nine years living in a suburb outside of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, during which time his family adopted two Siberian huskies that have become the origin of most of the joy and misery in his life.

Emily YardumianEmily Yardumian is a freshman at the Moore County branch of Motlow. She is double majoring in Music and Computer Science. Decoded, that means she is learning to help you write in the languages of English, C++, or in the universal language of music! One of her passions is encouraging other students to aim high in their academic expectations, and she is ready to do what she can in the Writing Center to help them meet those goals.