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Profile: Angie Lazo

Tennessee Promise provides Motlow freshman Angie Lazo with new opportunities

The Tennessee Promise program provides more than just free two-year tuition to students in Tennessee. For Manchester freshman Angie Lazo, the program is providing opportunities to be an active member of the Motlow College community.

Tennessee Promise has already impacted Lazo's college experience after her graduation from Coffee County Central High School earlier this year. While in high school, Lazo performed in plays, participated in choir and the art club, and was even on the wrestling team. With no school-related financial obligations, she can pursue these same passions while attending college classes.

"I'm actually going to play the stepmother in the theatre department's performance of The Glass Slipper," said Lazo. "I'm excited to continue performing in plays while I'm here and excited for the other opportunities to be involved. I plan to participate in the student government association and the art club. I also would like to organize a wrestling club."

A self-described social butterfly, Lazo loves meeting new people and hopes to befriend every student on the Moore County campus. With full-time enrollment up almost 20 percent from 2014 due to Tennessee Promise, Lazo will be able to meet several new people with their own interesting stories to tell.

"I really like school, and I just really like people," added Lazo. "Motlow has given me the chance to be around people I'm not usually around. I love getting to meet a bunch of people who have a variety of interests, and I love learning from them."

Tennessee Promise attracts active and motivated students like Lazo to community college campuses. Additionally, each Tennessee Promise scholar must give back through community service in order to earn the scholarship.

"I actually helped clean up Motlow for my community service," said Lazo. "The campus is so pretty, and the people here do a nice job of caretaking. I want to do anything I can in order to help keep it that way."

The program is allowing students in Tennessee to receive a quality education while avoiding financial burden, and Motlow is ideal for those students like Lazo who want more than just an affordable education.

"Enrolling at Motlow was an obvious choice because of Tennessee Promise," said Lazo. "I'm the first one of my siblings to go to college. I knew it was important to go and Tennessee Promise has allowed me to go without virtually any extra costs. Motlow is just an overall great place to go to school. All of my professors are really fun, and I just enjoy all the great people and activity opportunities here.

"Signing up for Tennessee Promise was a no-brainer for me," concluded Lazo. "All you have to do is fill out the FAFSA, do the program paperwork, apply before a certain date and perform some community service. It's actually not a lot to ask for, especially for two years free."

Angie is a member of the 2015 Tennessee Promise class, the first in our nation and state's history. The second class is current high school seniors across Tennessee and they begin their process to apply for the Promise by filling out the application by Nov. 2. Motlow College is providing help with that first step.

Motlow's Smyrna Center will open up its computer labs from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 26, for area high school seniors to sign up for Tennessee Promise and fill out their college applications as part of a statewide Scholarship Saturday. Students and parents should RSVP by calling Jonathan Graham, Motlow Tennessee Promise coordinator, at 615-220-7839.