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Political Science

Associate of Science (TTP) Degree Checklist

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Program Description

The Political Science Associate Degree program within the Social Sciences Department is designed to prepare students for successful transfer to a four-year college or university. This degree program is a great choice for students interested in pursuing a career in government, politics, law enforcement or the legal field in general. The Political Science path introduces students to the following:
  • fundamental communications skills
  • U.S. history with an emphasis on the political, economic, diplomatic, and social development
  • the features of American government including constitutional principles and the structure and functions of the three branches
  • the functions of state and local government
  • the social, political, religious, economic, and cultural development of World civilization
  • and other dynamic and very interesting coursework that prepare students for bachelor's degree completion at any one of Tennessee's state colleges and universities

Practical Experience

Through participation in the Political Science program, students will enjoy being engaged in activities like:
  • organizing, preparing and delivering speeches
  • the study of the complexities of our constitutional principles
  • an examination of the policies, structure and function of our local government with special emphasis on the State of Tennessee

Career Opportunities

  • police officer
  • legal assistant / paralegal
  • business intelligence officer
  • lawyer