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Institutional Effectiveness 2015-2016

The Institutional Effectiveness (IE) process is ongoing. It requires broad-based participation. It is everyone's business. Institutional effectiveness activities are undertaken for:

  • Improvement - The activities of the process will result in improvements to the institution. The primary focus of the activities is the creation of college-wide excellence through the concurrent development of people, processes and technology.
  • Accountability - Provides documented proof that the institution is accountable to its constituents. The institution has the ability to provide evidence that citizens will receive a quality education including instruction and support services.

See the current year IE plans in the table below. Previous year plans may be viewed at:

IE Expected Outcomes for Assessing AY 2014-15 and Planning AY 2015-16

Click on an EO number to view the expected outcome.

Academic Affairs
Vice President of Academic Affairs
ACAF-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ACAF-01 Assessment of General Education Core
ACAF-02 Academic Audits
ACAF-03 QEP Development
ACAF-04 Professional Development
ACAF-05 Co-requisite Remediation Success
ACAF-06 Student Satisfaction with Writing Centers and Math Labs
Business & Technology
BTCH-Purpose Statement of Purpose
BTCH-01 Business Technology Field Test
BTCH-02 University Parallel Major Business Areas of Emphasis Exit Exam
BTCH-03 Business and Technology Online Offerings
BTCH-04 Business Program Accreditation
BTCH-05 Satisfaction of Graduating Students, Alumni and Employers
BTCH-06 Job Placement
BTCH-07 GE Assessments
Career Readiness
CARE-Purpose Statement of Purpose
CARE-01 Level 1 Mechatronics Exit Exam
CARE-02 Level 2 Mechatronics Exit Exam
CARE-03 Satisfaction of Mechatronics AAS Employers
CARE-04 Satisfaction of Mechatronics AAS Graduating Students
CARE-05 Satisfaction of Mechatronics AAS Alumni
CARE-06 Mechatronics AAS and C1 Job Placement Rate
CARE-07 ATMAE Accreditation
EDUC-Purpose Statement of Purpose
EDUC-01 NAEYC Accreditation
EDUC-02 Assessment of General Education Core Courses
EDUC-03 Job Placement Rates for ECED AAS Graduates
HUMA-Purpose Statement of Purpose
HUMA-01 Humanities Online Offerings
HUMA-02 Assessment of General Education Core Courses
HUMA-03 First Year Experience Course
LANG-Purpose Statement of Purpose
LANG-01 English Faculty Handbook
LANG-02 Creation of Best Practices memos for READ 810 and ENGL 810
LANG-03 Revision of ENGL GE Core Courses to be Assessment of General Education Core Courses
LANG-04 Adjunct Mentoring System
LANG-05 English Online Course Offerings
MATH-Purpose Statement of Purpose
MATH-01 Assessment of General Education Core Courses
MATH-02 Math Online Course Offerings
Natural Science
NASC-Purpose Statement of Purpose
NASC-01 Assessment of General Education Core Courses
NASC-02 Natural Science Online Offerings
NASC-03 Co-Curricular Assignments for Center Activities/Events
NURS-Purpose Statement of Purpose
NURS-01 Nursing Licensure Pass Rate
NURS-02 Nursing Program Completion Rate
NURS-03 Nursing Program Accreditation
NURS-04 Paramedic Program Implementation to be Paramedic Program Accreditation
NURS-05 Satisfaction with Nursing Program - Graduating Student and Employers of Graduates
NURS-06 Satisfaction with Paramedic Program - Graduating Student and Employers of Graduates
NURS-07 Paramedic Exit Exams/Field Tests (AAS and C2)
NURS-08 EMT and AEMT Exit Exams/Field Tests
Social Sciences
SOSC-Purpose Statement of Purpose
SOSC-01 Social Sciences D2L Training
SOSC-02 Social Sciences Online Offerings
SOSC-03 Assessment of General Education Core Courses
SOSC-04 Implementation of Standard Course Syllabi
Workforce Development & Extended Services
WDES-Purpose Statement of Purpose
WDES-01 Satisfaction Rating of TN Correctional Academy Training Participants
WDES-02 Satisfaction with Facility Scheduling for Special Events
Fayetteville Center
FVCT-Purpose Statement of Purpose
FVCT-01 Increase ACE Program Graduates
FVCT-02 Workforce Development Readiness at Fayetteville Center
FVCT-03 Awareness of Services at Fayetteville Center
FVCT-04 Center Directors' Success Initiatives
FVCT-05 Co-Curricular Engagement - Fayetteville Center Activities/Events
FVCT-06 Learning Community
McMinnville Center
MMCT-Purpose Statement of Purpose
MMCT-01 Student Satisfaction with McMinnville Center Services
MMCT-02 Center Directors' Success Initiatives
MMCT-03 Tennessee Promise Student Enrollment
MMCT-04 McMinnville Center Enrollment Increase
MMCT-05 Co-Curricular Engagement - McMinnville Center Activities/Events
Smyrna Site
SMST-Purpose Statement of Purpose
SMST-01 Increase Enrollment in Course Sections with Alternative Formats
SMST-02 Satisfaction with Student Advising
SMST-03 Center Directors' Success Initiatives
Business Affairs
BUSA-Purpose Statement of Purpose
BUSA-01 Student Satisfaction with Auxiliary Services
BUSA-02 Improved Course Completion Rates for FA Recipients Who Charged Textbooks
BUSA-03 Composite Financial Index (CFI)
ADMT-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ADMT-01 Fundraise for Transitional Scholarship
ADMT-02 Successful Fundraising Events
ADMT-03 Fundraise for ACE Scholarships
ADMT-04 Fundraise to Sustain Nursing Program
ADMT-05 Fundraise to Endow Motlow Ladies Philanthropic Society Scholarship
Business Office
BOFF-Purpose Statement of Purpose
BOFF-01 Student Satisfaction with Business Office Services
BOFF-02 Improving Efficiency in the Business Office
Internal Audit
INAD-Purpose Statement of Purpose
INAD-01 Successful Required TBR Audits
INAD-02 Management Risk Assessment Review
Human Resources
HRES-Purpose Statement of Purpose
HRES-01 Non-discriminatory Applicant Pool
HRES-02 Faculty Competence Compliance with SACSCOC
Student Affairs
Vice President of Student Affairs
STUD-Purpose Statement of Purpose
STUD-01 Student Satisfaction with Student Affairs Services
STUD-02 Student Affairs Professional Development
STUD-03 Adult Learner Access and Success Assessment and Survey
ADMS-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ADMS-01 Requirements for Admission
ADMS-02 Satisfaction with Assistance by Admissions and Records
ATHL-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ATHL-01 Athletic Retention
ATHL-02 Academic Progress Reports for Student-Athletes
Disability & Testing Services
DITS-Purpose Statement of Purpose
DITS-01 Satisfaction with Services for Students with Disabilities
DITS-02 Test Taking Presentations
Financial Aid
FINA-Purpose Statement of Purpose
FINA-01 Financial Aid Web Site Redesign to be Improving Communications to Applying Students
FINA-02 Student Satisfaction with Financial Aid compared to Peer Institutions
Student & Campus Relations
STCR-Purpose Statement of Purpose
STCR-01 Motlow Participant Partnership Program (MP3)
STCR-02 Satisfaction with Campus Events and Speakers
Student Success
SSCS-Purpose Statement of Purpose
SSCS-01 New Student Orientation Program
SSCS-02 Completion Coach Connection
SSCS-03 Recruitment Tracking System
Technology & Administrative Services
ITCH-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ITCH-01 Annual Professional Development
ITCH-02 Data Standards Initiative
Administrative Services
ADSV-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ADSV-01 Provide Reliable Access to Banner Administrative Systems
ADSV-02 Ad-hoc Report to End Users
ADSV-03 Technical Cross Training to be Professional Development
ADSV-04 Local Software System Development
ADSV-05 Admission Application Revision
Facilities Services
FACS-Purpose Statement of Purpose
FACS-01 Replacement of Maintenance Work Order Request System
FACS-02 Replacement Preventative Maintenance System
FACS-03 Satisfaction with Facilities and Facilities Services
FACS-04 Efficiency Plan
LIBY-Purpose Statement of Purpose
LIBY-01 Student Satisfaction with Library Services
LIBY-02 Faculty Satisfaction with Collection
LIBY-03 Student Satisfaction with Classroom Library Instruction
Research, Planning and Communication
RPCO-Purpose Statement of Purpose
RPCO-01 Increase Student Engagement through Social Media
RPCO-02 Student Satisfaction with Social Media Postings
RPCO-03 Faculty and Staff Satisfaction with RPCO Publications
SECU-Purpose Statement of Purpose
SECU-01 Security & Safety Awareness for Employees and Students
SECU-02 Expectations & Attitudes of Employees & Students Regarding Personal Safety
Technical Operations
TEOP-Purpose Statement of Purpose
TEOP-01 Technical Operations Support Satisfaction
TEOP-02 Student Satisfaction with Computers (in Labs and Public Areas)
TEOP-03 (Student) Satisfaction with ITV Equipment Functionality
TEOP-04 (Faculty) Satisfaction with Technology