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Institutional Effectiveness 2011-2012

IE Expected Outcomes for Assessing AY 2010-2011 and Planning AY 2011-12

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College Wide / President
CWAA-01 Student Transfer to MTSU
CWAA-02 Progression Rate Improvement
CWAA-03 Increase in Number of Certificates and Degrees Awarded
CWAA-04 Online/ITV Course Student Satisfaction
CWAA-05 Student Satisfaction with Educational Experience
Academic Affairs
PROV-Purpose Statement of Purpose
PROV-01 Objective Measurement of General Education
PROV-02 Assessment of General Education Core
PROV-03 Job Placement Rate
PROV-04 Employer Satisfaction
PROV-05 Academic Audits
PROV-06 Dual Admission Agreements
PROV-07 Quality Enhancement Plan Implementation
Asst. VP for Academic Affairs
ACAD-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ACAD-01 Full-time/Part-time Faculty FTE Ratio
ACAD-02 Instructional Cost Per SCH
ACAD-03 Course Revision
ACAD-04 Curricular Changes/td>
ACAD-05 Effectiveness of Online Pedagogy
ACAD-06 Development and Training for Faculty
Business & Technology
BTCH-Purpose Statement of Purpose
BTCH-01 Business Field Test
BTCH-02 UP Business Areas of Emphasis Exit Exam
BTCH-03 Online Course Offerings in Business and Technology
BTCH-04 Internationalization of Business Courses
BTCH-05 Business Program Accreditation
Career Readiness
CARE-Purpose Statement of Purpose
CARE-01 Mechatronics Certificate Exit Exam
CARE-02 Internationalization of Career Readiness Course
CARE-03 Enrollment Increase
Education-Purpose Statement of Purpose
EDUC-01 NAEYC Accreditation
EDUC-02 Internationalization of Education Courses
EDUC-03 Expand Adult College Express (ACE)
EDUC-04 Academic Audit
HUMA-Purpose Statement of Purpose
HUMA-01 Internationalization of Humanities Courses
LANG-Purpose Statement of Purpose
LANG-01 Increase Language Online Course Offerings
LANG-02 Learning Support Program
LANG-03 Internationalization of Language Courses
MATH-Purpose Statement of Purpose
MATH-01 Learning Support Program
MATH-02 Internationalization of Math Courses
Natural Science
NASC-Purpose Statement of Purpose
NASC-01 Changing General Education Assessment Tool
NASC-02 Internationalization of Natural Science Courses
NURS-Purpose Statement of Purpose
NURS-01 Nursing Licensure Pass Rate
NURS-02 Completion Rate
NURS-03 Nursing Program Accreditation
NURS-04 Internationalization of Nursing Courses
Social Sciences
SOSC-Purpose Statement of Purpose
SOSC-01 Internationalization of Social Sciences Courses
SOSC-02 Social Sciences Online Offerings
SOSC-03 Evaluation of General Education Assessment Tool
Fayetteville Center
FVCT-Purpose Statement of Purpose
FVCT-01 ACE Programs of Study Expansion
FVCT-02 MSCC Fayetteville Center/Fayetteville Lincoln County Industrial Development Board Partnership
FVCT-03 Student Academic Success and Persistence
FVCT-04 Center Directors' Success Initiatives
McMinnville Center
MMCT-Purpose Statement of Purpose
MMCT-01 General Education Course Rate
MMCT-02 General Education Course Rate
MMCT-03 Graduating McMinnville
MMCT-04 Center Directors' Success Initiatives
Smyrna Site
SMST-Purpose Statement of Purpose
SMST-01 Student Access
SMST-02 Evaluation of Academic and Financial Advising Process
SMST-03 Center Directors' Success Initiatives
Business Affairs
BUSA-Purpose Statement of Purpose
BUSA-01 Student Satisfaction with Auxiliary Services
BUSA-02 Planning, Developing and Implementing Financial Aid Recipients Charging Books at Bookstore
ADMT-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ADMT-01 Fundraise for Transitional Student Scholarship
ADMT-02 Increase Contacts in the Community
ADMT-03 Systematic Donor Mailings
ADMT-04 Fundraise to Sustain MSCC Nursing Program
Business Office
BOFF-Purpose Statement of Purpose
BOFF-01 Student Satisfaction with Business Office Services
BOFF-02 Improving Efficiency in the Business Office
Financial Aid
FINA-Purpose Statement of Purpose
FINA-01 Non-Traditional Loterry for the Unknowing
FINA-02 Financial Aid Easy Read Web
Human Resources
HRES-Purpose Statement of Purpose
HRES-01 Applicant Folder Availability
HRES-02 Non-discriminatory Applicant Pool
HRES-03 Fostering Federal Work Study Students
Student Affairs
Vice President of Student Affairs
SAVP-Purpose Statement of Purpose
SAVP-01 Implementation of Banner DegreeWorks
SAVP-02 Student Affairs Staff Training
Asst. Vice President of Student Affairs
STUD-Purpose Statement of Purpose
STUD-01 Student Satisfaction with Student Services
STUD-02 Increase in Transfers to MTSU
ADMS-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ADMS-01 Requirements for Admission
ADMS-02 Satisfaction with Assistance
ADMS-03 Satisfaction with Courteousness of Staff
ADMS-04 Implementation of DegreeWorks
ATHL-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ATHL-01 Athletic Mentoring Program
ATHL-02 Athletic Retention
ATHL-03 Athletic Progress Reports for Student Athletes
Career Planning & Extended Services
CPES-Purpose Statement of Purpose
CPES-01 Satisfaction Rate
CPES-02 Facility Use Evaluation
CPES-03 Expand Career Fairs
CPES-04 Revise Facilities Request
Disability & Testing Services
DITS-Purpose Statement of Purpose
DITS-01 Satisfaction with Services for Students with Disabilities
DITS-02 Adjustment to College Life Workshops
DITS-03 Increase Awareness and Number of Fall ETS Exam Completions
Student & Campus Relations
STCR-Purpose Statement of Purpose
STCR-02 Adult Learner Association
Student Success
SSCS-Purpose Statement of Purpose
SSCS-01 New Student Orientation Program
SSCS-02 Tracking MTSU Dual Admissions Students
SSCS-03 Advising Central Website
Technology & Administrative Services
ITCH-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ITCH-01 Master Plan Update
ITCH-02 Identification of Sustainability Projects
ITCH-03 Smyrna Center Expansion
ITCH-04 Idenification of Future Mobile Applications
Academic Technologies
ACTH-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ACTH-01 Technology Training and Support for Faculty, Staff, and Students
ACTH-02 Technology Newsletter
ACTH-03 Technology Enhancement Committee (TEC)/Technology Showcase
ACTH-04 Support Technology by Maintaining and Upgrading Existing Instructional Technologies
Administrative Services
ADSV-Purpose Statement of Purpose
ADSV-01 Provide Reliable Access to BANNER Administrative Systems
ADSV-02 Administrative Services Training
ADSV-03 Provide Ad Hoc Reports to End Users
ADSV-04 Provide Technical Cross-Training
ADSV-05 Local Software System Development for Student Retention
ADSV-06 Admission Application Revision
Facilities Services
FACS-Purpose Statement of Purpose
FACS-01 Maintenance Work Order Completion Rate
FACS-02 Preventive Work Order Completion Rate
FACS-03 Satisfaction with Facilities and Facilities Services
FACS-04 Efficiency Plan
LIBY-Purpose Statement of Purpose
LIBY-01 Library User Satisfaction - Alumni
LIBY-02 Student Satisfaction with Library Assistancee
LIBY-03 Faculty Satisfaction with Library Resources
LIBY-04 Student Satisfaction with Library Orientations
LIBY-05 Library Orientation of Developmental Students
Research, Planning and Communication
RPCO-Purpose Statement of Purpose
RPCO-01 Promotion of Motlow College Academic Programs
RPCO-02 Retention of Students through Social Media
RPCO-03 Student Satisfaction with Web Sites and Social Media
RPCO-04 Faculty and Staff Satisfaction with RPCO Publications
Technical Operations
TEOP-Purpose Statement of Purpose
TEOP-01 Technical Operations Support Satisfaction
TEOP-02 Annual Replacement of End-User Computers and Printers
TEOP-03 Annual Replacement of Network Servers and Equipment
TEOP-04 Student Satisfaction with Computers
TEOP-05 Student Satisfaction with Interactive Video Rating
TEOP-06 Faculty Satisfaction with Technology Rating