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Public Communication

The Communication area of the Research, Planning and Communication department is responsible for all public news releases for Motlow College, the creation and maintenance of the Motlow website, and the creation and maintenance of the Motlow athletics website.

View recent college press releases and athletic department press releases.

We encourage the submission of news story ideas, photos, and written articles, and will consider all submissions. The decision as to which submissions are selected for follow-up, however; will depend on a number of factors. These include staff availability and time constraints, the quality of photos, and/or whether a submission is newsworthy.

To submit information and/or photos for news items, please send them to

Many factors can determine what is newsworthy. Following are six criteria our office uses to define "news." All must relate to Motlow College (No. 1) and should include at least one of the other five news values:

  • Must relate to Motlow College in some way.
  • Relevance - Is it relevant to its intended audience?
  • Usefulness - Is it useful to its intended audience?
  • Interest - Will it be of interest to the intended audience?
  • Timeliness - Is it timely?
  • Novelty - Is it unusual, rare, or out of the ordinary?

Please note: Each accepted written article may be edited for style and content.

When submitting a photo(s):

  • Send high quality .jpg of around 2MB at 300dpi. (Choose the best photo resolution your camera offers when taking pictures).
  • Use the flash, even outside, when taking photos of people whose faces are shadowed. Examples of this are people (or anything else) standing under a tree, and people wearing hats or caps.
  • Include a description of what is happening in the photo.
  • Include the names of those pictured and their city or county of residence.
  • Include the name of the person who took the photo, and contact information.

To submit information and/or photos for news items, please send them to

To submit information and/or photos for Motlow's website, please send them to