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Resources for Current Nursing Students


- Level I Bulletin Board (First Year Nursing Students)

- Level II Bulletin Board (Second Year Nursing Students)

- Student Nursing Handbook

The Student Nursing Handbook is available to all Motlow students enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing Program. The manual includes rules, regulations, policies, and procedures for the program and resource materials to be used by the student throughout the program. The student should keep this manual as a ready source of information throughout the two-year program.

- Student Nurse's Association

There are a number of resources and systems in place to help guide students through the Nursing Program at Motlow. One of the many support opportunities available to nursing students is the Motlow Chapter of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA), a pre-professional organization for nursing students. There are currently over 53,000 nursing students across the United States who are taking advantage of the many programs, services, product discounts, and leadership opportunities that NSNA offers. For more information on how to become a part of this growing network of students, see the Student Nurse's Association webpage.