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Nursing A.A.S. Two-Year Selection Process

All applicants are ranked in numerical order on a selection list with students with the highest scores selected to fill the class. Students are notified of their fall semester admission status in April via their Motlow email account. Selection for admission to the Nursing Program is based upon a point system with the highest points possible being 600 plus eligible applicants earning up to 75 quality points. All applicants are ranked on a selection list in numerical order with the applicants with the highest points selected to fill the class.

Students admitted to the Nursing Program are required to attend a Nursing Program Orientation Session held in May to mid-June with the date, time, and location included in the admission email. After the class is selected, the selection list converts to an alternate list and, if needed, candidates are selected from the alternate list in numerical sequence. Candidates who are not selected will need to reapply to the Nursing Program.