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Nursing A.A.S. One-Year Selection Process

LPNs desiring to apply to the Nursing Program must:

  • Have a cumulative collegiate grade point average no less than 2.75. The grade point average used to calculate admission is the GPA at the end of the fall semester prior to admission and does not include learning support courses
  • Complete all required learning support requirements. An applicant may be conditionally accepted if he/she is in the process of taking learning support coursework which will be completed prior to beginning the LPN to RN Transition Course
  • Complete BIOL 2010, BIOL 2020 and BIOL 2230 with a grade of "C" or better prior to beginning the LPN-RN Transition Course and within the past five years.
  • Complete ENGL 1010 and PSYC 1030 prior to beginning the LPN to RN Transition Course
  • Have a cumulative HESI entrance exam score of 80% or higher

LPN applicants who score less than 80% on the entrance exam, have a cumulative, collegiate GPA less than 2.75 or cannot complete the prerequisite science and general education courses prior to the start of the LPN to RN Transition course will not be considered for admission.

Candidates who qualify for admission are selected for entry into the nursing program based on total points calculated from grade point average and entrance exam scores with a total of 800 points possible.

Point Calculation

  1. 500 points if entrance exam cumulative points equal 100%. A percentage of points will be awarded for entrance exam scores less than 100%. (Example: for an entrance exam score of 85%, multiply 500 by .85 = 425 points)
  2. 300 points if cumulative collegiate GPA is 4.0. The GPA at the end of fall semester in the year prior to admission is used for this calculation. A percentage of points will be awarded for GPA’s less than 4.0. (Example: for a GPA of 3.0-divide 3.0 by 4.0 = 0.75; multiply 0.75 by 300 = 225 points)
  3. The student’s points would be 425 + 225 = 650 total points
  4. Students are ranked on a selection list in numerical order with the students with the highest scores selected to fill the class.

LPNs admitted to the program are required to attend a mandatory Nursing Program Orientation Session held in May with the date, time, and location included in the admission email.

Applicants Not Selected for the Program

After the students have been selected, the selection list converts to an alternate list and, if needed, candidates are selected from the alternate list in numerical sequence until the class is full. Candidates not selected will need to resubmit a nursing application if they want to be considered for admission in the next year. If an applicant has taken the HESI entrance exam within the past 5 years, he/she can use their existing score or retake the examination. To use an existing score, the student is responsible for emailing a scanned copy of the HESI entrance exam to the Nursing Program ( by the nursing application deadline.

If the entrance examination or admission criteria change, candidates are required to comply with new admission guidelines.