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Readmission to the Paramedic Certificate

Students who withdraw from the paramedic program after successfully completing at least one semester of the program may apply for readmission. If a student withdraws from the program or fails the student must submit a new application and undergo the selection process for acceptance into the paramedic program.

Students who withdraw from or fail may be eligible for readmission and may re-enter the course in which they were enrolled at the time of withdrawal or failure.

Readmission will occur on a space- and resource-available basis.

To be considered for readmission, the student must:

  1. Complete an exit interview with the EMS Program Director and sign an Exit Interview Form by the end of the semester in which the failure, termination, or withdrawal occurred. If the student exited the program at the completion of a semester, the interview and form must be completed no later than six weeks following the end of the semester;
  2. Submit a written request to the EMS Program Director three months prior to the term of desired admission. Included in the request should be an explanation of factors that contributed to the unsuccessful initial attempt and actions taken to enhance chances for success, if the opportunity for readmission were to be granted;
  3. Have a GPA of 2.0 or higher at time of readmission; and
  4. Observe a 2 year currency on last paramedic (EMSP) course completed.

The EMS Department will review each applicant for eligibility for readmission and prioritize applicants for readmission based on the following criteria:

  1. MSCC students who withdrew with documented extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances should be clearly stated on an exit interview form.
  2. MSCC students who failed their last paramedic (EMSP) course or withdrew from the program for any reason, including low grades or disciplinary actions. The grade average in the EMSP course at the time the student exited the program will be used to rank this group of students on the readmission list.

Students will be notified of their readmission status by a letter from the EMS Program Director in a timely manner (the first week of August for fall semester and the first week of December for spring semester). Students not readmitted may apply again by resubmitting a request to enter the program following the aforementioned entry requirements/criteria.