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Paramedic A.A.S. Application Procedure

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission to Motlow State Community College.
  2. Possess an academic or equivalent high school diploma or general education (GED)
  3. Paramedic courses require that applicants complete any required remedial or learning support coursework as required by the placement test or ACT scores.
  4. Complete EMS Program application
  5. Submit application for EMT-Paramedic training between December 1st and March 1st.
  6. Submit two letters of reference. Preferably, one letter should be from current employer and the second letter should be a character reference. In the situation of unemployment, two character letters may be submitted. Family references will not be accepted.
  7. Be currently licensed as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician in the State of Tennessee. Students must submit a copy of a current AEMT card to the Paramedic Program.
  8. A copy of the CPR healthcare provider level certificate must be submitted that includes one-person, two-person, infant, and child CPR.
  9. Applicant may be required to take a knowledge test if the student has been out of AEMT for more than one calendar year.
  10. Interview with the admissions screening committee as prescribed by the TN Department of Health-EMS division.
  11. Complete the AEMT Exam
  12. Submit a copy of AEMT license