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AEMT Certificate Application Procedure

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission to Motlow State Community College.
  2. Complete EMS Program application
  3. Submit application for AEMT training between October 1st and December 1st.
  4. Schedule a meeting with the EMS Program Director.
  5. Be currently licensed as an Emergency Medical Technician in the State of Tennessee or have successfully completed an EMT education program within 120 days of beginning the Advanced EMT education program and have successfully completed an Tennessee EMS Board approved EMT competency written and practical examination.
  6. EMTs who have shown competency in basic knowledge and skills through completion of Board approved written and practical examination and wish to progress to AEMT training without obtaining an EMT license shall submit evidence of good moral character (two letters of reference). Such evidence shall attest to the EMTs good moral character and be two recent (within the preceding 12 months) original letters from medical professionals attesting to the applicant's personal character. Preferably, one letter should be from current employer and the second letter should be a character reference. In the situation of unemployment, two character letters may be submitted. Family references will not be accepted.
  7. A copy of the CPR healthcare provider level certificate must be submitted that includes one-person, two-person, infant and child CPR.
  8. Submit proof of medical malpractice insurance and health insurance as required.
  9. Complete a physical exam, along with all required vaccinations and/or titers.
  10. Meet other Admission requirements as stipulated in the Rules of the Tennessee Department of Health, Bureau of Health Licensure and Regulation, Office of Emergency Medical Services.

Students enrolled in the EMT training that plan to continue the next semester for the AEMT training should submit an application to the EMS Director only between October 1st and December 1st.

Students will be notified of admission by August 15th for EMT training and December 15th for AEMT training