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Motlow Smyrna Center International Festival is Nov. 20

November 14, 2013

The Motlow College Smyrna Center will host its annual International Festival on Wednesday, Nov. 20. The festival will be held in the new Science, Technology and Allied Health (STH) Building from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

The festival will honor students who are away from their original country pursuing an education at Motlow College. In addition to being free of charge for the students at Motlow, the festival is also free to the public in order to promote awareness.

The International Festival is voluntarily led by Heather Koller, assistant professor of history at Motlow, with assistance from Karen Hudson, administrative secretary at the Smyrna Center and Michelle McEwen, secretary at Motlow. Koller believes that students benefit from activities that bond them together as a community. The Study Abroad program at Motlow also benefits from the information displays.

"As a history professor, I know students will have a much better understanding and deeper view of world events, past and future, if they understand and relate to other cultures," said Koller. "In addition, the ability to demonstrate an understanding of world events and cultures will help students function better in the diverse workplace."

Many faculty, staff, administrators, and students will participate in the International Festival. The majority of the countries selected will have tables with information regarding that specific country, as well as authentic food samples. Live music and dancing demonstrations, such as polka dancing, will also take place.

Countries scheduled to be featured with a table during the festival include Laos, Greece, India, Scotland, Scandinavia, Mexico, Japan, Russia, the Philippines, Honduras, Venezuela, France, Italy and Burma. Other countries being featured with student posters are scheduled as well.

The International Festival will also be raising money for the Red Cross relief effort in the Philippines.

For more information regarding the International Festival or the Study Abroad program at Motlow College, contact Heather Koller at and respectively.