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Motlow College children's drama production of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland entertains thousands

November 12, 2013

The children's play recently held on the Motlow College Moore County campus was one that sparked imagination and encouraged emotions to run wild. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland featured an invigorating cast, unforgettable costumes, and amazing special effects. All helped in retelling the classic story of Alice's journey through the adventurous kingdom of Wonderland, where logic is flipped upside down.

Thousands of elementary school children visited Motlow College recently to enjoy the children's drama production of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Cast members included Alice, left, played by Selina Luc; and the White Queen, played by Ashley Preston. Motlow College photo.
Each year, the children's drama department puts together a production and invites local elementary students to visit the campus and enjoy the event. Thousands of children enjoy the performances by the actors and actresses and the wonderful set designs.

The play opens with some dazzling lighting effects, and shortly after, the audience hears the sound of a thump as Alice hits the ground after falling through a rabbit hole. Dazed and confused, Alice soon spots the White Rabbit, who is the reason Alice took the tumble. He exclaims that he is running late and leaves Alice behind.

Next, the White Queen runs into Alice, and although she pokes at the child's lack of manners, Alice is too awe-stricken by the White Queen's crown to even notice. Alice's goal from this point onward is to obtain a crown for herself so that she, too, might become a glorified queen of Wonderland.

Frightful music cues the entrance of the vicious Queen of Hearts. She and her two card soldiers are marching along, guarding and escorting the Knave of Hearts to his trial as the queen chants, "Off with his head!"

The entire cast gathers at the conclusion of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, recently presented by the children's drama department and held on the Motlow College Moore County campus. Motlow College photo.
As the White Queen runs off, Alice decides it is time to begin her journey to locate her own crown. Alice meets many of Wonderland's fascinating inhabitants, including the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Dormouse, and the Mad Hatter. Alice does not understand Wonderland's bizarre sense of humor and is quickly saddened by the fact that no one wants to be her friend.

The White Knight assists Alice in finding the right path to receive her crown. Alice is then mocked by the White Queen and the Cheshire Cat for not understanding basic Wonderland addition. This causes Alice to become even more distraught. The White Rabbit then appears to Alice again, and after handing her a carrot so she can immediately return his gift, he hands Alice her crown and more importantly tells Alice that she has a friend in him.

The White Rabbit and Alice swiftly hasten to the trial taking place regarding the Knave of Heart's stealing of tarts. When Alice is called to the stand to tell what she knows, emotions are running rampant and logic is being thrown out the door. Alice realizes she has had enough of this foolish nonsense and exclaims throughout the courtroom that, "You're all just a deck of cards!"

Alice's sister then wakes up a sleeping Alice and explains to her that she has been dreaming all this time. Alice, confused and a bit relieved, tries to inform her sister about the talking rabbit with a pocket watch, but her sister does not believe her. As Alice and her sister exit, the White Rabbit enters for the last time and exclaims that he is once again running late before the play draws to a close.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland featured the following cast members by order of appearance: Alice - Selina Luc, White Rabbit/March Hare - Lance Howard, White Queen/White Rose - Ashley Preston, Red Queen/Red Rose - Jeanna Anderson.

Card Soldier 1/Tweedle Dee - Kayla Bonner, Card Soldier 2/Tweedle Dum - Antenia Martinez, Knave of Hearts - Jarrett Summers, Caterpillar - Kurt Krausse, White Knight/Red King - Zac Collins, Cheshire Cat - Jessica Kilburn, Mad Hatter - Alex Czwal, and Dormouse/Alice's Sister - Ariel Upson.

The crew included Emily Seal, director; Rachel Judge, stage manager; Mark Landrum and David Bethea, sound; Karl Huber, lighting; Kurt Krausse and Brian Robinson, set design; Sherian Oakley and Bobbie Underwood, ticketing and Debbie Zimmerman, house manager.