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Public invited to meet Thomas Vaughn, have books signed at McMinnville Center bookstore

October 21, 2013

The Motlow College McMinnville Center bookstore is hosting Thomas Vaughn for a Veterans' Day book signing on Monday, Nov. 11 at 10:50 a.m. in room MC 136.

Vaughn, along with Dan and Zia Telfair, is a co-editor of "The Boys of Benning: Stories From The Lives of Fourteen Infantry OCS Class 2-62 Graduates", released last March and published by AuthorHouse. The bookstore currently has copies available for purchase prior to the event or the day of the event.

The Boys of Benning was written by and highlights the lives of fourteen graduates of a 1962 Infantry Officer Candidate School class-before, during, and way after OCS. These men came from all across America to compete for officership in the United States Army. They emerged victorious from the crucible of OCS, and went on to serve our nation - in and out of the Army.

Twelve of these fourteen men served combat tours in Vietnam. Most were wounded in action there; some more than once. They were point men in the Cold War. For them, it was often hot war. Beyond the battlefields of Vietnam and the long war's divisive impact on American unity, these 'Boys of Benning' persevered in their patriotic duty. They rose to the challenges and opportunities of higher rank and responsibility with confidence born from competence.

Vaughn spent over thirty years on active duty, including two tours in Vietnam and one in the Pentagon. He began his military career as a private and retired as a Regular Army colonel at Fort Campbell, KY in 1988.

Since then he has been a radio personality, college teacher, newspaper columnist, political consultant, public speaker, songwriter, and music publisher. Tom and wife Betty now live near Rock Island, where they enjoy their church, family, friends, and volunteer work with the Tennessee Fisher House Foundation.

Reviews for The Boys of Benning have been extremely positive, including one reviewer who said, "This is a 'must read' for anyone interested in the Vietnam Era. It is a remarkable 'history/abbreviated' life story of 14 men and the influence that the Officer Candidate School (OCS) had on their lives. This book is inspiring; it shows what can be accomplished through dedication and hard work. This book is about duty, honor and country. This book is about 'service above self'. It should be required reading for high school history classes."

Another reviewer writes, "This book covers the life experiences of 14 OCS classmates from a class in 1962 who served our nation in some troubling times. Each story is different, but contains elements of bad times and good times as well as humorous events. It is easy to read, straightforward and down to earth. I strongly recommend it for history and leadership classes. It should be on a recommended reading list for any candidates for commissions in any of our military services. The stories not only cover what they did in the military, but also accomplishments made after they left the service. Each made significant contributions to our society in varied and interesting second careers. If you want a book that keeps your attention, I recommend this one."