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Lincoln County's Zach Moyers receives Shoney's Fayetteville Scholarship

September 30, 2013

For the second consecutive academic year, Zachary B. Moyers of Fayetteville has been chosen to receive the Shoney's Fayetteville Scholarship at Motlow College.

Zachary B. Moyers of Fayetteville, second from left, is the recipient of the Shoney's Fayetteville Scholarship. Pictured, from left, are Jan Rogers, director of advancement at Motlow College, Zachary, Dan Holt and Pattie Holt.
Dan Holt, Jr. and his wife Pattie established the scholarship, along with the Lincoln County Vending Scholarship, which are both named for and funded by businesses they own. The Holts currently operate the cafeteria at Motlow College in addition to their other business interests.

"I can't say enough in my thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Holt," said Moyers. "They have, for the second time, graced me with their benevolence in the form of aid for college. The aid has manifested itself into a worth far more than money, which is knowledge and opportunity.

"It is most comforting to know that leaders of the community are willing to provide a student with the resources to pursue goals. I thank them and the community they represent."

Holt, a Motlow College graduate himself, says, "We employ quite a few people that either are or have been students at Motlow. The way we see it, we are ultimately helping our business and all other businesses in this area. By supporting Motlow College, we hope to provide better employees for all."

Jan Rogers, director of advancement at Motlow, said, "Dan and Pattie are great assets to the community and to the Motlow College Foundation, where Dan serves as a trustee. Our hope is that others will follow his example and help students who have the desire and capacity to attend college, but need a financial boost."

To find out more about setting up a scholarship fund, contact Ms. Rogers at 931-393-1602 or email her at