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New Pathways Guarantee Seamless Transfer of Motlow Credits to All State Universities

Tennessee Transfer Pathways (TTP)

August 25, 2011

The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) and the University of Tennessee Systems, the two higher education systems in the state, have announced their new Tennessee Transfer Pathways program. After a year of extensively working together, the two systems have agreed on a "guarantee" for Tennessee's college students.

As Chancellor John Morgan of the TBR says, "This program highlights the successful collaboration among all of our universities and community colleges. It helps students achieve their goals and complete their degrees, but it also helps them do it in a more efficient and less expensive way, without sacrificing the quality of our academic programs."

TBR recommends that a student, preferably with the help of a college advisor, choose one of the 50 Tennessee Transfer Pathways (TTP) and use it as their guide for what will be required to earn a bachelor's degree in their chosen field or major. Because of the new Tennessee College Transfer Guarantee, each 'pathway' and its required courses are now the same for all public colleges and universities across the state.

While it is recognized that not all schools have the demand or resources to offer all 50 pathways, college advisors are being trained to identify the best options for each student interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree. Motlow offers over 30 of the designated pathways and all pathways are effective for the fall 2011 semester. Students also need to know that admission into a college or a specified program, such as nursing, are not guaranteed by TTP. After a student is accepted, the transfer of credits will be seamless.

Dr. MaryLou Apple, president of Motlow said, "These pathways will provide 'academic roadmaps' for students while ensuring they do not waste time or money in the process." She continued, "We have four locations and serve 11 counties in Middle Tennessee and we are proud to have the pathways to help our community college students succeed in their higher education goals."

For Motlow students, and other TBR community college students, the pathways ensure a student's ability to make timely and cost-effective transitions from community colleges to universities in Tennessee. If a student chooses a pathway, completes the required courses, makes no substitutions and doesn't change their major either before or after earning an associate's degree - all credit hours acquired in their pathway will transfer or be accepted by any state university.
"The implementation of the transfer pathways is a giant step forward in creating a seamless process for earning a college degree for the citizens of Tennessee," said TBR Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Paula Short. "We will be tracking the progress of our students and will work to constantly improve the process so that students receive the maximum benefit."

Visit the College's website <> to learn more about TTP and the pathways offered at Moltow.