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Motlow College Students to Use iPads this Fall in Anatomy and Physiology Lab

July 25, 2013

Students taking BIOL 2010: Anatomy and Physiology I at Motlow College this fall on the Moore County campus will have access to the latest classroom technology, thanks to Associate Professor Cheri Gregory, who teaches the course.

These photos show two of the topics and how they are addressed in Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED®, the software students in Cheri Gregory's anatomy and physiology lab at Motlow College will access through iPads this fall. Gregory said the application is "one of the highest-rated applications on the market for teaching anatomical structure and function." The app explores the muscular, lymphatic, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, integumentary, digestive, urinary, skeletal, reproductive and endocrine systems of the human body.
Students will use Apple iPads provided by the college and will have access to the iPad Learning Lab and Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED® software, which Gregory said is "one of the highest-rated applications on the market for teaching anatomical structure and function." Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED® is a McGraw-Hill Higher Education product created in partnership with the University of Toledo.

Gregory began researching the possible use of iPads in biology labs several years ago. After extensive research, she said she discovered numerous science applications for the iPad and has tested many of them herself. She also received feedback from a former student.

"I had a student in one of my online courses who was a flight attendant and used an iPad for most of the course because it was more convenient," Gregory said. "She was able to use the electronic version of the textbook and an application for the cadaver-based software we use for lab. She had her book, notes, everything; right there on her iPad."

Gregory said instructors in Motlow's anatomy and physiology labs primarily use anatomical models to teach the various structures and functions of the human body.

"These models are expensive, require lots of storage space and shelving, wear out with frequent use and need to be replaced, and sometimes do not accurately represent body structures," she said. "The Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED® application's use of cadaver images will add another dimension to the labs, letting students virtually dissect a cadaver and compare structures to those shown in the textbook or on the anatomical models in the lab."

The application organizes the body into systems and includes hundreds of animations and videos that demonstrate anatomy, physiology, and various processes, according to the Exprima Media website at Students can add their own notes and voice recordings, bookmark videos, and access "thousands of microscopic and alternative anatomical views."