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Lynchburg Chamber Begins Filling the GAP for MCHS

Other Businesses Could Receive Tax Deduction for Same Type Donation
Lynchburg Moore County Chamber Donates
Left, Woodye Bedford, president of the Metropolitan Lynchburg / Moore County Chamber of Commerce, presents a check to Howard Kirksey, executive
committee member of the Motlow College Foundation

July 22, 2011

For several years the Metropolitan Lynchburg / Moore County Chamber of Commerce has funded a scholarship for a Moore County High School (MCHS) senior planning to attend Motlow College.

Chamber member Howard Kirksey, an executive committee member of the Motlow College Foundation and senior vice president of Farmers Bank of Lynchburg, suggested to the board of directors that in lieu of an individual scholarship, they make their donation to the Motlow College Foundation so it could benefit more than one student.

The board approved and for this first year of change, they agreed to fund the individual scholarship one final time in addition to donating money to the Foundation specifying it be used for GAP scholarships for MCHS students to attend Motlow College as dual enrollment students. High school juniors and seniors, who meet the academic requirements, can earn both high school and college credit for their classes as a dual enrollment student.

GAP scholarships are intended to cover the balance of college tuition costs less Dual Enrollment grant money from Tennessee Lottery funds. Motlow's tuition for the 2011 fall semester is $439.50 for a three-hour course. Grant money from the state would cover $300 of that cost leaving a $139.50 gap or balance the student has to pay. In addition to the leftover tuition money due, students also have to cover the cost of their books.

Dr. MaryLou Apple, president of Motlow College added, "These scholarships can make the difference as to whether or not a student can participate in the Dual Enrollment Program. The GAP scholarships are a positive step toward assuring that more high school students have access to a college education."

While students in surrounding counties have benefited from GAP scholarships established for their high schools, the recent donation made by Moore County's Chamber is the first continual or established effort of a Moore County business or charity to help MCHS students.  American City Bank has committed up to $8,000 annually in GAP scholarships for students in Coffee and Franklin counties. The bank helps pay for dual enrollment students from Tullahoma High School, Coffee County High School, Franklin County High School and Huntland High School.

Occasionally when budgets allow for extra expenditures Moore County students have received funds for college tuition. Last year, because of federal stimulus money, the local Workforce Solutions office was able to fund GAP scholarships for 79 seniors in their seven county service area for the 2011 spring semester. Students participating in Dual Enrollment who benefited from the one-time gift were from the following high schools: Cascade, Community, Franklin County, Lincoln County, Moore County and Warren County. Lana McAnally of Workforce Solutions noted, "We are only able to help according to the funds we receive from the federal government and we are always proud to help with the education of our youth."

Jan Rogers, director of advancement for Motlow College said, "We work hard to find as many ways as possible to help fund a student's education. There are at least 23 students from Moore County registered for Dual Enrollment for the fall semester. If other businesses or individuals want to help with the GAP scholarships, their donations may also be tax deductible." She stressed, "Our goal is to have our students graduate without carrying the burden of student loans with them."