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Two New Scholarships at Motlow

July 18, 2012

Two New Scholarships at Motlow

Two New Scholarships at Motlow - Fayetteville business owners, Pattie and Dan Holt, Jr., left, recently met with Jan Rogers, director of advancement at Motlow College, to setup two new scholarships to be offered at Motlow beginning this fall. The scholarships will be in the names of the Holts' two businesses, Lincoln County Vending and Shoney's of Fayetteville. For more information about scholarships visit the College website and choose the Foundation Scholarships tab.
The Motlow College Advancement office recently announced two new scholarships that will be available this fall for graduates of Lincoln County High School, Fayetteville High School or Riverside Christian Academy in Fayetteville.

Dan Holt, Jr. and wife Pattie established the scholarships that are funded by and named for two of their businesses, Lincoln County Vending and Shoney's of Fayetteville. The Holts have worked in the food service business for years. They currently operate the cafeteria at Motlow College as well as other area businesses.

According to Mr. Holt, "We employ quite a few people that either are or have been students at Motlow. The way we see it, we are ultimately helping our businesses and all others in the area. By supporting Motlow, we hope to provide better employees for all."

Holt is a Motlow College graduate who credits Franklin Yates, former owner of the Shelbyville Times Gazette, for loaning him tuition money and the inspiration that he needed to graduate college. The Holts started the two new scholarships to "pass it on" and help others achieve their educational goals.

Applicants for the Shoney's of Fayetteville scholarship must be a 2012 graduate from one of Lincoln County's three high schools. The Lincoln County Vending scholarship provides financial assistant to non-traditional or traditional age students who graduated from a high school in Lincoln County.

The typical scholarship deadline has been extended for these two new scholarships from June 15 to August 15. Students need to apply as soon as possible to complete all other admission requirements by Motlow's August 15 registration deadline.

Jan Rogers, director of advancement at Motlow said, "We are very happy that Dan has agreed to join our Motlow Foundation Board of Trustees and very grateful for his generosity in setting up these scholarships."

These and other similar scholarships are awarded through the Motlow College Foundation Anyone can contribute to existing scholarships or establish new ones. To learn how to be a scholarship donor and make a life-changing difference to a potential college graduate, contact Rogers by calling 931.393.1692 or 800.654.4877 ext. 1692 or by email:

In addition to scholarships available through the Foundation, there are many other opportunities available to students through financial aid and institutional scholarships. Visit the College website a complete listing of scholarships available at Motlow.