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New Student Orientation at Motlow

July 8, 2011 

New Student Orientation

In an effort to better prepare first-time freshmen to begin their education at Motlow, the College has changed their new student orientation process from online to in-person. When a new student completes all of their admission requirements they receive an invitation from Motlow to attend one of the orientation sessions at the campus they will attend.  Motlow's main campus as well as their centers in Fayetteville, Smyrna and McMinnville are hosting the informative welcome sessions that are required for new students.

According to Rhonda Cotham, director of student success for Motlow, "Bringing the new students on-site allows us to work with them one-on-one and they can begin to become familiar with some of the individuals and resources they will need to know as they work toward reaching their academic goals and success."

New freshman Amelia Woods of Manchester commented, "Everyone is so approachable and not only am I happy to be able to ask questions about classes and registration, I am equally as excited to get to know faces. In the fall I'll be able to look around and say 'Hi' to those I met during orientation."

During the orientation session students play a quick introduction game then proceed to different stations where they begin to receive information and tour the facilities. Parents are allowed to accompany the student and learn about financial aid, payment plans and other student services and resources. During the visit the new student acquires their photo identification card, works with an advisor on their schedule and registers for their first semester of classes.

Amelia's mother, Denise Woods added, "Compared to when I went to college, the technology is great; it has removed so many of the obstacles that used to exist." She continued, "When you combine the technology with Motlow's human aspect, it's like everyone here is saying, 'We want you to make it and we're going to help you succeed.'"

Cotham and the assistant directors of student services at each of Motlow College's locations will work together to coordinate and host the orientation sessions through August. The application deadline for fall enrollment is August 19, and fall classes begin August 27. For additional information visit the College's website <> or contact Rhonda Cotham by email at