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Motlow College adds classes and science labs at Smyrna Center

July 5, 2013

When the new building at the Motlow College Smyrna Center opens this fall, students will have access to three new science labs and science classes not offered at the center before, according to Elizabeth Fitch, science lab coordinator and an assistant professor of biology at the college.

Motlow College faculty member Elizabeth Fitch and Biology Club students at Motlow's Smyrna Center are pictured with an informational poster the students created for display at the center. The poster includes photos and information about new classes available at Smyrna Center this fall. From left are Megan Degenhardt, Victoria Billot, Angelica Looney, Fitch, Kristina Presbitero and Hassan Alwan, Biology Club president. Photo by Kevin Fitch.
"The new labs are dedicated to anatomy and physiology, microbiology, chemistry and physical science," Fitch said. "Previously, all natural science courses offered at the Smyrna site had to share one science lab in the current building. This existing lab will now be dedicated to general biology courses."

Because microbiology labs and chemistry courses were not offered at the Smyrna site before this fall, Smyrna nursing students had to travel to other Motlow sites or seek online alternatives for these courses. Fitch said this will no longer be necessary, and that students and faculty members alike are excited about the changes at Smyrna Center.

They also are looking forward to the addition of two student lounges, a student success center, and a faculty lounge, according to Fitch. The new 35,000-square-foot, two-story building will also include additional classrooms, computer labs, and faculty and staff offices.

Classes offered at Motlow's Smyrna Center for the first time this fall are:

ACCT 2010 - Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 2410 - Income Tax
BIOL 1330 - Environmental Science
BIOL 2230 - Microbiology (lecture and lab)
BUS 2220 - Business Communications
BUS 2810 - Business Marketing
CHEM 1110 - General Chemistry
CISP 1010 - Computer Science I
HIST 1110 - World Civilization
SPAN 2020 - Intermediate Spanish II

Regular fall classes begin on Aug. 26 at all Motlow College sites. Fall Saturday-only courses at Smyrna Center, Motlow College online, and classes offered through the Regents Online Degree Program begin on Aug. 24.

Students enrolled at Motlow College during the spring and/or summer semester and new degree-seeking students who have completed admissions requirements can register now through Aug. 27. Regents Online registration ends on Aug. 23. The fall class schedule is posted here.