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Motlow Announces Changes for Dual Enrollment Students

High School Juniors and Seniors Apply Now for Additional Money

June 29, 2011

Additional Lottery Scholarship funds are now available to high school juniors and seniors taking college courses in the dual enrollment program due to recent legislation passed by Tennessee's General Assembly. Students meeting eligibility requirements can apply for an additional $300 for one additional course per semester with the additional funding coming from their HOPE scholarship fund. The changes are effective for this next semester, Fall 2011, students must apply for the additional funds.   

Currently, a junior or senior wishing to earn college credits while still in high school can apply for the Dual Enrollment grant to receive $300 per semester or $600 per academic year. If all eligibility requirements are met, a student who takes advantage of this grant money can qualify for a total of $1,200 as a junior and senior in high school and that money does NOT affect their HOPE scholarship money.

With the new ruling; students can file a separate application for an additional $300 per semester for an extra course. This money DOES affect their HOPE scholarship as they are essentially using it early. For this additional money students must meet the eligibility requirements for the HOPE scholarship. Students must have attained a composite score of at least 21 or achieve a 3.0 grade point average for all high school work completed prior to the semester of enrollment as a dual enrollment student and they must have national ACT scores for HOPE eligibility; PLAN scores or the residual ACT cannot be used for this additional grant money.

Qualifying students will not automatically be given this money upon enrollment in a second course.  Students must complete a "Dual Enrollment Grant Program Additional Courses Agreement" form signifying they wish to receive the additional $300 and understand its implications. This form should be available at the <> website when it becomes available and must be turned in to Motlow State Community College by August 24. 

For additional information contact Director of Admissions and Records, Greer Alsup at 931. 393.1530 or Director of Education and Dual Enrollment, Charle Coffey at 931. 393-1810. Visit the College's website <> to learn more about dual enrollment at Motlow. The above information is based on available information as of June 24, 2011 and is subject to change. Refer to <> for the most up-to-date information.