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Tennessee Promise students must complete community service by August 1

LYNCHBURG, TN (June 28, 2016) — All incoming and current Motlow State Community College students have until Aug. 1 to complete eight hours of community service in order to remain eligible for the Tennessee Promise scholarship.

"There are numerous ways that students can complete their community service hours, including job shadowing, cleaning local, state, and recreational parks, or by assisting local non-profit organizations," said Jonathan Graham, Tennessee Promise coordinator at Motlow.

"Last year, Tennessee Promise students volunteered a total of 318,183 hours which, according to tnAchieves, resulted in a monetary value of $6,592,751.76 given back to the State of Tennessee by Tennessee Promise scholars," Graham added.

Students who still need to complete their community service hours can visit the Motlow Tennessee Promise webpage at for an up-to-date listing of community service opportunities in their area.

Students can also visit the tnAchieves website,, which lists a host of community service opportunities for students in their local region. Community service hours can be submitted to the tnAchieves website as well.

Students must complete the tnAchieves program in their county to access Tennessee Promise funding.