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CIC Foundation, Inc. Donates to Motlow College Foundation

June 28, 2011

CIC Foundation DonatesLes Enoch, board member of the CIC Foundation, Inc., presented a $10,000 check to Dr. MaryLou Apple, president of Motlow College, during the recent Motlow College Foundation annual meeting. Enoch, of DeKalb County, is a trustee of the Foundation and is the CEO of Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District in Smithville. Enoch suggested Motlow earmark some of the funds to help DeKalb County with a community project they are working on which includes classroom space.

The CIC Foundation, Inc. is a scholarship and educational foundation that awarded 92 scholarships in middle Tennessee and Kentucky this year. According to Enoch, “Applications for scholarships are sent to the high schools for graduating seniors to apply and if there is money leftover, we make donations to colleges for higher education.” He continued, “Last year CIC, Inc. awarded Motlow $5,000 and this year we were able to give $10,000.”

According to Mike Foster, mayor of DeKalb County, the community project Enoch is referring to is nearing completion in a shopping center the county bought and is renovating to meet several different needs for their citizens. The facility will house county and other government offices as well as a senior citizens center, a community center, museum, auditorium, community kitchen and café for young people. Another huge part of the project will be classrooms and learning space for the citizens to begin taking college courses.

Foster has asked Motlow College to assist with their project. In his words, “DeKalb County has invited Motlow College, as a guest, to work with the community to identify unmet educational needs. I see this opportunity as one of the quickest way to help our people. I know how important it is that we all have the chance to go to college. While the unemployment rate is near 10%, it's closer to 4% for those with a college education.” He continued, “With Motlow's guidance, we hope to be ready to have a few remedial and/or freshman classes by August. We hope this is enough incentive for our citizens to begin, let them see they can do it and be encouraged to finish a college degree.”

Dr. MaryLou Apple, president of Motlow College said, “DeKalb County is one of the 11 counties we serve. We will work with them to identify classes that would benefit the community. With the Foundation's gift from Mr. Enoch we hope to be able to support their project with equipment and other needs for their new classrooms.”