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Motlow's Male Nursing Enrollment Almost Doubles National Average

May 1, 2012

Motlow's Male Nursing Enrollment 
Almost Doubles National Average

    Pictured with the male students, second from left, is Amy Huff, interim director of nursing at Motlow. Male students, front row, from left, are Jeffery Prince, Michael Ducker, Tod Vandenbossche, Brian Brown, Joey Fry (kneeling) and Eric Biren. Second row, from left, are Ashley Fleming, Kyle Stitch, Mike Tatum, Patrick Pawlowski, Jeff Woodside, Bradley Mullinax and Rafik Meshreki. The two men in back are Jed Davenport and Ben Schneider. Not picture is Kevin Summar.

The Motlow College class of 2012 has more male nursing students than the last three years combined. Nationally, men make up only 13 percent of all new nursing students, compared to Motlow's 22.5 percent this year. Nursing organizations suggest a combination of circumstances have brought more men into the healthcare profession as a nurse in the last 10-20 years. Reasons such as the economy, a shortage of nurses, the rise in nurses' wages, and a societal change in gender attitude have all helped broaden the typically female dominated profession.

Amy Huff, interim director of nursing and allied health said, "Over the course of my career, I have worked with many excellent male nurses…and many excellent female nurses. To me, gender in nursing is irrelevant when you consider what is most important-the ability to give compassionate, professional competent care.

The men enrolled in Motlow's program have varied backgrounds and most are returning to school to become a nurse after having been in other careers. A small percentage already had a career in healthcare either as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or in emergency care while others left unrelated careers like manufacturing to become a registered nurse. The class consists of former employees of Nissan Corporation, Bridgestone and FedEx.

Most of the Motlow male nursing students say after making the decision to become a nurse, the next big decision was where to go to school. The students chose the nursing program at Motlow College for its excellent reputation in the service area.

Bradley Mullinax of Smithville said, "I chose nursing because I love helping the people of my community. I am currently a volunteer medical responder and through that experience, I saw that I could make a much larger impact on healthcare by becoming a nurse." He added, "Before I chose a school to complete my nursing education I did a great deal of research. I wanted to attend a school that would prepare me for my career and one that was well respected in the area. The Motlow Nursing Program's high level of respect in the surrounding area and its small community atmosphere made Motlow the obvious choice for me." Student Tod Vandenbossche of Manchester made the decision to become a nurse and said, "I also chose nursing because I enjoy helping people and this field will offer many different career opportunities. I chose Motlow because of its reputation of graduating great nurses." He added, "I have a friend who has been a nurse for 20 years. He told me every Motlow grad he has worked with was a good RN."

The 2010-11 edition of the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) predicts that, "overall job opportunities for registered nurses are expected to be excellent and that employment of registered nurses is expected to grow by 22 percent from 2008 to 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations." The OOH also points out that not only is nursing one of the fastest growing career segments in the nation, but it is also one of the highest paid.

As the men and women in the class of 2012 look forward to pinning on May 4 and graduation on May 5, their next hurdles will be to pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure EXamination) to become a registered nurse and find employment in the field. With Motlow having consistently high state licensing pass rates (98.5 percent compared to a national rate of 87.4 percent) and job placement rates (95 to 100 percent since 2005), Motlow's 11 county service area will soon be welcoming an abundance of highly qualified male and female registered nurses to their healthcare staffs.