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Smyrna Center Students and Staff Visit Cheekwood

April 30, 2013

A Motlow College Smyrna Center Biology Club field trip to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville this spring included 120 representatives of the college and included students, family members, faculty, and staff, according to Elizabeth Fitch, an assistant professor of biology and club sponsor. They included, in front from left, students Michaela Moore, Julie Cunningham, Kassandra Hooper, Kimberly Hennessee, Heather Simmons, Joyce Swanson Martin, Kerry Meredith, Jesse Allen, Seth Hendrix, Reaven Bohannon, Tonya Messier, Amber Green, and Audrey Adams; second row from left, Saneem Sharghy, Beegee Gold, Tony Gold, Erine Tawfik, Joyce Kinley, Regina Pearson, Valli Lessenberry, Sydney McCormick, Mihad, Mahdi, Yasmine Fisher, Kiley Finch, Hassan Alwan, Mia Goodman, Khristin Walsh, Anamartin Castaneda, Lori Armstrong, Nell Wood, Daniel Knorp, and Nathan Adams; and in back from left, Anahita Sharghy, Abigail Mote, Kitty Lohman, Valerie Babcock, Trey Price, Emily Stanley, Macy Shingleton, Fernando Rodriguez, Megan Rodriguez, Stephanie Taylor, Dennis Letender , Ali Kadhim, Kendra Ochi, Rayanne Abed, Spencer Weathers, Sandra Adefila, Isaac Arjas, Steven Zelanak and Martha Dady.