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Motlow College Honors Symposium to Celebrate Student Work

April 10, 2013

Lucky Luciano, Appalachian superstitions, and the fashion of ancient Greece are a few of the eclectic topics that Motlow College honors students will address in presentations during the 5th annual Honors Symposium at Motlow College on April 18, said Dr. Scott Cook, an associate professor of history and honors coordinator at the college.

The symposium is scheduled for noon to 2 p.m. in Room MT105 of the Marcum Technology Center on Motlow's Moore County campus, with a reception to follow. In addition to student presentations, Dr. MaryLou Apple, Motlow president, will present medallions to honors students who will graduate in May.

Honors graduates are Kyla Arroyo, Shelbie Buckner, Elizabeth Camp, Jordan Cobb, Deana Gaines, Shelby Hall, Karen Hill, Taylor Melvin, Tara Rodriguez, Martina Ramos, Philip Sugg, Laken Taylor, Jessica Vincent, Tina Warren and Jeremy Wood.

"This is one of my favorite campus events because it celebrates the students, their research, and the work they have accomplished during the academic year," Cook said.

Students in honors speech class will ask the question, Does Social Media Truly Further Communication? , with one group sharing social media's positive influences and another group sharing negative influences. Students include John Sartain, Jessi Wilhoit, Emily Roberts, Erica Newman, Anna Jacobs, Mindy Jo Britt, Johnnie Short, Elizabeth Daniels, Donna Conner, Michaela Fulkerson, Ashley Owen and Shelbie Buckner.

Students in American history honors courses will make individual presentations, with some students giving two. These include The American Civil War: Women Take a Stand and History in the Eyes of My Grandparents by Kelsi Stewart; Lucky Luciano: Creator of an Empire and A Digital Story by Philip Sugg; A Systematic Analysis of the Disappearance of Roanoke Colony and The Life of Gary Ray Miller by Abi Miller; and Tech and Tactics of WWI and A Word with Gil Patrick by Connor Leet.

Other presentations are Vietnam by Sarah Temple; The Life and Times of Grace Redd Pierce by Ashton Pierce; Jim Smith: A Digital Story by Erica Newman; A Digital Story: My Grandparents by Tiffany Phillips; Meet Nana by Ellie Camp; Betty Jo Johnson by Mindy Jo Britt; Miyono Takayesu by Elizabeth Daniels; Willis Miller by Luke Miller; Richard Brattan about Hippie Culture by Daniel Callahan; and Richard Brattan and Vietnam by Valarie Moore.

The following presentations will be given by students in psychology, mythology, English and literature honors courses:

The Origin of Sexual Orientation by Dillon Brock; Christianity and Sexuality by Ashley Warren; Critical Thinking and Human Sexuality: An Honors Seminar Experience by Walter Duckett, Lori Wheeler, Timothy Lynch, and Erica Newman; The Creation of the Horse by Ellen Thompson; The Philosophy of Russellism and Honors Creativity by Daniel Ingram; Fashion in Ancient Greece by Rachel Blackburn and Liz Sullivan; Medusa, Beauty Vilified by Daniel Callahan and Valaire Moore; Christian Syncretism in Ancient Mythologies by Walter Duckett; Gays and the Media by Ethan Scott; Fluidity of Modern Families by Angel Garrett; The Second Amendment and the Black Panthers by John Sartain; The Cost of Change by Daniel Farrar;

Touring the Parthenon by Katie Nolen; The Hunger Games by Michaela Fulkerson, Elise Barnes, and Lidia Juarez; Superstitions of Appalachia by Ellie Camp, Elizabeth Daniels, Jenipher Dobbs, Jacob Hayes, Karen Hill and Laken Taylor; Classical Greece by Sarah Noblitt;

Her Majesty's Honors Journey by Karen Tibbals; Personal Growth in Honors by Andrew Ansley and Emily Jordan; Beowulf, a Metaphor for Success by Ashley Farr; Achilles, Super-Hero or Anti-Hero by Amelia Woods and Laura 'Baby' Munn; The City of Troy by Shelby Hall and Deana Gaines; Oedipus and Fate by JC Daily and Sari Hawkins;

Lysistrata, Intellectual and Physical Feminine Power by Tara Rodriguez and Haley Parker; Andy Warhol by Daniel Ingram; London by Angel Garrett; JFK by Ethan Scott; Strange Fruit by Katie Nolen; Allen Ginsberg by Tiffany Phillips; Psycho/Social Aspects of Body Modification by Tiffany Phillips;

The Tragic Story of Ed O Pass by Andrew Ansley, Daniel Callahan, JC Daily, Sari Hawkins, Anna Jacobs, Emily Jordan, Valarie Moore, Laura Munn, Sarah Noblitt, Haley Parker, Emily Roberts, Tara Rodriguez, Karen Tibbals and Amelia Woods; Modified Fairy Tales by Ashley Warren and Samanatha Rose;

Little Red Riding Hood by Karen Hill; A Reading of a Classic Fairytale by Johnny Short, Tyler Stembridge and Luke Miller; Princess and the Frog 2.0 by Kelsi Stewart and Connor Leet; A Fairy Tale in GIFs by Erica Newman; Illustrations in Fairytales by Sarah Temple; and Florence Nightingale by Savannah Lynch.

Also on the agenda is a presentation by Billy Hix, an associate professor of education, who will share information about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) camps he leads each year at Motlow's Fayetteville Center.

In addition to Cook, honors classes represented at the symposium are taught by Cherie Williams, an assistant professor of communications; Dr. Stephen Guerin, an associate professor of psychology; Dr. Judith Russell, a professor of English; Dr. Michael Hartman, an assistant professor of English; Andrea Milligan, an adjunct English instructor; and Dr. Mary McLemore and Jan Jennings, associate professors of English.

An Honors Symposium for students at Motlow College Smyrna Center was held earlier this month.