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Scholarship Recipient Meets Benefactors at Motlow College

April 3, 2012

Christina Harris is a student at Motlow College largely because she is the recipient of the John and Martha Scarbrough Scholarship. Recently she had the opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs. Scarborough and express her gratitude for their generosity.

During the meeting Harris explained how important it was to her to complete her college. She started two different times but had to stop taking classes due to family demands. Her recent return to the classroom was encouraged by her Hillsboro neighbors, John and Karen Hill, who recommended Motlow College as the perfect place to complete her degree.

Harris said another push for her to go back to school came when she was helping her son prepare for college. She said, "When I helped him file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), I was hooked! I filled one out for myself and here I am today."

She plans to graduate in May with an associate's degree from Moltow and continue her education for a career in social work. The Scarbrough Scholarship provided her with necessary funding and served as the final piece of the puzzle that she needed to complete her education.

John Scarbrough said, "We set the scholarship up for people just like Christina. We realize there are individuals who are deserving of the assistance yet they are non-traditional students and don't quite fit the mold of being eligible for the majority of scholarships."

The John and Martha Scarbrough Scholarship and other similar scholarships are awarded through the Motlow College Foundation. Anyone can contribute to existing scholarships or establish new ones. To learn how to be a scholarship donor and make a life-changing difference to a potential college graduate, contact Jan Rogers, director of advancement, by calling 931.393.1692 or 800.654.4877 ext. 1692. In addition to scholarships available through the Foundation, there are many other opportunities available to students through Financial Aid and Institutional Scholarships. Visit the College website a complete listing of scholarships available at Motlow.