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Motlow State Information Systems Technology degree receives 2016 Best of Smyrna Award

LYNCHBURG, TN (Mar. 31, 2016) — The Information Systems Technology (IST) degree at Motlow State Community College was recently selected for the 2016 Best of Smyrna Award for Education.

The IST program is an excellent choice for students interested in learning more about the use of computers and information for increased creativity and production.

"A lot of industry research went into creating this valuable program to assist students who are looking for employment immediately after their Motlow experience," said Terry Durham, instructor of information systems technology. "There are two tracks that a student can choose from to obtain their Associate of Applied Science degree. One is the Office Information Concentration, and the other is the Information Systems Specialist Concentration. The IST program is designed to involve business and industry partners to make sure our graduates are meeting their needs for future employment.

"The Office Information Concentration deals more with the integration of Microsoft Office applications and web components," Durham added, "whereas the Information Systems Specialist Concentration deals more with hardware and networking components.

"We are honored to receive the 2016 Best of Smyrna Award for Education, and believe the recognition is an indicator of the quality of this program," said Durham.

The IST program includes the introduction to, among others, computer concepts that can be used in schools, private business or in government; current programming languages; and other curriculum necessary in preparation for bachelor's degree completion at any one of Tennessee's four-year colleges or universities.

Students in the program gain practical experience by engaging in activities such as critical thinking, in-depth research and analysis, interaction with students and instructors, and are exposed to fascinating coursework, lectures and classroom interaction.

For more information on the IST program please contact Terry Durham at or 615-220-7885.