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Moore County, Fayetteville and McMinnville honor students to gather for Symposium April 10

March 24, 2014

Students who have excelled in the Motlow College honors program at the Moore County campus and the Fayetteville and McMinnville centers will be celebrated at a symposium on April 10 in the Marcum Technology Center on the Moore County campus, according to Dr. Scott Cook, program coordinator and an associate professor of history at Motlow.

"While the participants in the honors program give all year long through community and service projects, the peer tutoring program, the Student Government Association, the President's Student Leadership Institute, Phi Theta Kappa, and other clubs and organizations, the symposium is an opportunity to honor them and their hard work," said Cook.

Honors courses at the Moore County campus offered over the past year have included English 1010 and 1020, Music Appreciation, American History I and II, World Literature II, British Literature, General Psychology, Psychology of Human Sexuality, Anime Studies Honors Seminar, Titanic in Literature and Film Honors Seminar, Speech, Introduction to Sociology and Service Learning.

Honors courses at the Fayetteville Center have included French IV, English 1010 (Greek Mythology) and 1020 (Rome), General Psychology, Music Appreciation, Service Learning, Film Studies Honor Seminar and World Literature. Courses offered over the past year at the McMinnville Center have included English 1010 and English 1020 (Southern Literature), American Literature, American History, General Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, History of Greek Mythology Honors Seminar and Service Learning.

Honors students will discuss a variety of topics including Solving Real Life Problems with Social Media, He's Undefinable: He's Bob Dylan, Every Fairy Tale Needs A Good Old Fashioned Villain, The Overlooked Inventions of Thomas Edison, Love and Marriage: What Makes for Success?, Experiencing Drug Court as an Honors Service Volunteer, Complex Plots for Anime Audiences Old and Young, The Inversion Theory in Dante's Inferno and The Military Story behind the Tale of the Green Knight.

During the discussion panels, students will offer ideas about the topic for discussion as well as present any findings they gathered while doing research for honors classes in which they are enrolled.

Honors students Tiffany Phillips and Erica Newman will make opening and closing remarks, respectively. Dr. Cook and Dr. Marylou Apple, president of Motlow College, will present and recognize each honors scholar. A reception will follow the event.

Current or potential students who are interested in becoming an honors student at the Moore County campus and the Fayetteville and McMinnville centers may contact Dr. Cook by email at or by calling 931-393-1738.