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Motlow College Smyrna Center Honors Symposium scheduled for April 3

March 20, 2014

Students who have excelled in the Motlow College honors program at the Smyrna Center will be guests of honor at a symposium on Apr. 3 at the new Science, Technology, and Allied Health building in Smyrna, according to Nathan Sweeton, program coordinator and an assistant professor of English at Motlow.

"The honors program is an excellent way for students to earn college credit while challenging themselves in unusual but fulfilling ways," said Sweeton. "Students study special topics, research new concepts, and spend more time discussing and analyzing the ideas and theories they would normally encounter in a non-honors class."

Honors courses offered over the past year have included Greek Mythology, Fantasy Fiction, Creative Writing, History of World War II, History of Love and Marriage, Film Studies, Theater Appreciation, General Psychology, Speech, General Biology II, Survey of British Literature, Survey of World Literature II, and English Composition I and II.

Staff and faculty guests will include Dawn Copeland, interim vice president for academic affairs and Cheryl Hyland, the director of Motlow's Smyrna Center. Among the honors faculty who have been invited to attend are Heather Koller, assistant professor of history; Emily Seal, instructor of communications; Bryan Thomas, department chair for social sciences and instructor of psychology; Nick Bush, instructor of English; and Elizabeth Fitch, assistant professor of biology.

Honors students will discuss a variety of topics, including Mythmaking in the Modern World, The Psychology of Social Media, Creativity and the Writing Process and Fractured Fairy Tales: A Modern Interpretation of an Ancient Tradition.

During the discussion panels, students will offer ideas about the topic for discussion as well as present any findings they gathered while doing research for honors classes in which they are enrolled.

While students currently enrolled in honors program courses will be in attendance, other Smyrna Center and local high school students interested in the program are invited to attend as well. Andrea's Breaking Bread, a popular restaurant located in downtown Smyrna, will cater the event.

Current or potential students who are interested in becoming an honors student at the Smyrna Center may contact Mr. Sweeton by email at or by calling 615-220-7804.