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Motlow Provides Mobile Site

February 2, 2012
Mobile Site

Motlow College launched its first generation mobile web site in the fall of 2011. When searching for Motlow or by typing in the browser of a mobile phone, the user is automatically directed to the mobile site.

The mobile site is designed to provide an interface optimized for the mobile user rather than a recreation of the full web site. It loads faster and features more streamlined navigation than the full-site. A link to the full site is available for users who wish to have complete access.

The mobile site features general information about the college, the latest news and events, the current academic calendar, contact information for main departments, maps to all sites, and sports schedules and results from athletic events. Emergency notification information and links to Motlow's Facebook, YouTube and Twitter sites are also available on the site.

Since launching the site, a mobile friendly version of the current catalog has been added. Additionally, D2L 2GO, a mobile version of Motlow's course management system, was recently added to allow students to review course content, check online course grades and perform other D2L functions on their mobile phones.

The number of students using handheld devices has increased dramatically in the last two years. Motlow College strives to stay current with technology and will continue to develop their mobile site as new features are available in the ever-changing world of mobile communications.