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Sarah Temple

Sarah Temple Makes the Most of Educational Opportunities at Motlow

Motlow College student Sarah Temple said her experience at the college continues to be one of accomplishment, enjoyment, and even surprise, and has helped her make the most of her educational opportunities. After graduating from Franklin County High School last year, she said the decision to come to Motlow was an easy one because she wanted to "ease into the whole college experience."

"I wasn't completely ready to leave home," she explained. "I also wasn't sure what I wanted to major in, and I felt that Motlow would allow me the freedom to seek out the major that best fits me."

Sarah decided that art is the best fit for her. Although she is still uncertain of the specific focus in art she wants to choose, she said she is enjoying what the major has taught her thus far.

"I haven't exactly decided yet, but art education is a field that interests me," she said. "I really would like to teach art to younger kids, especially of pre-school and kindergarten age."

It's not just a coincidence that Sarah wants to teach pre-school children. For two years she has worked part-time in the Extended School Care Program at Good Sheppard in Winchester. She said she loves working with the younger kids, which has played a major role in her decision to study art education.

Sarah attends classes from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. With her full class load and job, her typical day can be hectic, but she said she prefers it that way. At first, she was concerned that scheduling classes would be "difficult" and leave her unable to balance work and school. However, with the help of Brian Robinson, an advisor and associate professor, she has been able to attend classes according to her preferred schedule.

Sarah said Motlow has opened doors to opportunities she never would have dreamed of.

"I am now in the Honors Program, which was something I wasn't involved with in high school," she said. "The counselors here worked with me on getting into the right classes and even assisted me in getting a scholarship. So far, it has been a great experience and has helped me gain a better work ethic and achieve goals I never thought possible."

Although graduation is still a little over a year away, Sarah said she feels her time at Motlow will have been spent wisely and will have prepared her for the future.

"Even now, I know that when it's time to graduate, I will feel accomplished and have earned the scholarships that I have been given," she said. "Knowing that I did it on my own and that I have made it through another educational hurdle will be both liberating and powerful."