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Mary Mealer

Mary Mealer of Tullahoma accomplished a longtime personal goal by earning her degree from Motlow College. After her son grew up and moved out, she found she had a lot of idle time and began to explore the possibility of fulfilling her dream of going to college.

While surfing the web to find available educational options for a working adult, Mary discovered the Adult College Express (ACE) program at Motlow. She said, "I anxiously contacted Charle Coffey to find out more about the program. I was so excited to learn that the classes would not interfere with my job and that I could graduate in 24 months. It was a perfect fit for me!"

Mary has worked for the Tullahoma Utilities Board for 32 years and is the supervisor of the accounting department. After learning the details of the ACE program she enrolled at Motlow. She stressed how important it was to her to have support from everyone while she was going to school. She explained, "My entire family, my friends, and my work constituents have been a tremendous support system for me. They understood the commitment, the hard work, and the dedication necessary to achieve my goal."

She also said, "Motlow offers an incredible educational opportunity for the non-traditional student. The ACE program opens the door for the working individual to obtain their degree. I probably would not have been able to pursue my dream of furthering my education without it. Another attractive benefit of the ACE program is that your class becomes part of your support system. You all begin and end the journey together and everyone is there to see the others succeed."

Mary graduated from Motlow College in May 2012. She recommends the program to any adult interested in receiving an associate's degree. She said, "The venture was a tremendous amount of work but I would not trade the experience for anything. I developed lifelong friendships with my fellow students who I might have never had the pleasure of meeting if it not for Motlow."

When she began her journey, her only goal was to obtain an associate's degree. Now she has decided, "This experience has only whet my appetite and given me the desire to pursue a bachelor's degree. I haven't decided which path I will take at this point, but you can bet, thanks to Motlow, it will be forward!"