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Kurt Krause

Kurt Krause of Moore County is an artist of many mediums. His work includes sculptures of wood and plaster, oil paintings, graphite and charcoal drawings. As he says, "Basically anything I can make with my hands."

Kurt Krause

Kurt's goal is to open an art studio. Although he has been selling his work online, he enrolled at Motlow College because he wanted validation for his art. He said, "I needed some history and background to apply to my work. I had never taken any formal art classes and I wanted to know what art is all about. Before opening my studio and going on with my next phase of life, I wanted to take a few art classes to learn about contrast and composition and to understand what defines a piece of art."

Kurt enrolled at Motlow after graduating from high school almost 40 years ago. His plan of taking a few art classes turned into full class schedules. With no college background after high school, Kurt became a full-time, degree-seeking student. Brian Robinson, associate professor of art at Motlow said, "Kurt has been a strong asset to our department, as well as a good student." He continued, "I'm always delighted to have a talented student like Kurt to intermingle with traditional students. He has been one of the best assistants we've ever had. He does everything from painting backdrops for the theater to helping maintain the art room."

Kurt's college achievements and experiences have been numerous. During the Student Recognition Ceremony last spring he was inducted into Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities and won the top student award for the Humanities Department. Recently he played the role of 'the wall of thorns' in the drama class production of The Spell of Sleeping Beauty. A highpoint for Kurt was traveling to Peru as an ambassador for Motlow's Study Abroad Program. He describes, "The whole experience was very interesting and enlightening. I encourage everyone to take the opportunity and become involved with international education. To get to take classes and learn history where it took place is amazing." Kurt reflects, "When I signed up for art classes at Motlow I never dreamed part of that journey would be hiking across an Inca bridge to Machu Picchu, the lost city in the clouds. My life and college experiences have been quite a journey."