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Michele Brown

A.A.S. degree from Motlow College prepared her for the workforce

by Shane Levan, Staff Writer

Before enrolling at Motlow College as a non-traditional student in 2011, Michele Brown knew that having a college degree would help her advance in the job market and achieve her career goals. Two years later, after graduating from Motlow, she began achieving those goals by accepting a position at the college's Moore County campus.

Michele Brown Brown earned her associate of applied science degree (A.A.S) and is now a full-time secretary for the department of Workforce Development and Extended Services as well as the Business and Technology department.

"One of the instructors at Motlow told me about the job opening and I immediately applied," said Brown. "Now that I work here, I get to assist others as they strive to achieve their goals, and I can help the college experience to not be quite as intimidating."

The A.A.S degree allows students to immediately take classes that are in their desired field of employment. At Motlow, Brown studied business technology with a concentration in accounting. The business technology major, along with her specific program of study, helped fully train Brown for employment upon completion of her degree.

By the end of the two-year program she had obtained the tools necessary to compete in the world of business. Although Brown came to college with an accounting-only mindset, the business technology degree trained her for the other aspects of her chosen field.

Michele Brown "Most of my classes were business related, although I had accounting classes too. Those business classes helped me learn about office procedures and human relations," added Brown. "I have always been a numbers person, but now I can see the whole picture."

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Brown moved to Murfreesboro at the age of 14 and attended Oakland High School. She then went to work for the Reading for Education company in Murfreesboro, where she worked for almost 17 years.

"When I was in high school back in the 80s, I was not very focused on school and didn't know what to do with my life," said Brown "I never got a chance to go to college, and that's why I came to Motlow in 2011; I needed a change and quit my job to fully focus on college.

"The reason I picked Motlow was because it was closer to home, and they made it easy for a non-traditional student like me to apply and get set up with classes," added Brown. "I had a great support system both at home and at Motlow."

Michele Brown While Motlow opened the door for Brown to re-enter the academic world, she says the school also played a big role in her success while she was there.

"It was a great experience as Motlow helped me feel more at ease and not overwhelmed," continued Brown. "Motlow gave me all the instruction I needed to start classes. A lot of the professors gave me confidence and made me feel comfortable. It's more personable at Motlow because it's a smaller college with smaller class sizes."

Earning her A.A.S degree helped Brown begin accomplishing her goals and will continue to provide her opportunities that were not possible before attending Motlow. Brown plans to continue her education and complete her bachelor's degree and potentially her master's.