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Michaela Fulkerson

Fayetteville's Michaela Fulkerson makes successful transition from homeschool to Motlow College student leader

Making the transition from high school senior to college freshman can be a stressful and challenging time in a student's life. Fayetteville's Michaela Fulkerson, who was homeschooled, has not only made a successful transition to Motlow College but has become a student leader.

Michaela Fulkerson The Honors Program, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the Presidential Student Leadership Institute (PSLI), the Study Abroad program and the Student Government Association (SGA) are just some of the campus organizations that Michaela is involved in.

She was elected president of the Motlow College SGA during the recent student elections. She has had previous experience in the SGA, holding the title of freshman senator at the Fayetteville Center last year.

"I'm definitely honored to be president of the SGA," said Fulkerson. "It's a big position to fill. I've been trying to get students' opinions on things that happen at Motlow. I've enjoyed it so far."

Motlow College's Study Abroad program presented Michaela with the opportunity to enroll in a British Literature course in London, England this past summer. She received an Ambassador's Scholarship, which paid for her entire trip.

Michaela has always enjoyed learning about and travelling to different places. She credits her initial interest in Motlow's Study Abroad program to an International Festival she attended last year at the Fayetteville Center.

Michaela Fulkerson "They had tons of different tables with information about different cultures and countries," she continued. "I picked up some information, filled it out, and everything happened to work out. I was really blessed."

One primary reason Michaela chose to attend Motlow College's Fayetteville Center as a freshman was because of its closeness to her home.

"I live in Fayetteville, so I was able to go to the Fayetteville Center," said Michaela. "It was only five minutes from where I live. It was the right decision at the time."

She also attends the Moore County campus due to her major. Although the majority of her classes are held on the Moore County campus this semester, she says she still feels connected to both campuses.

Balancing being a college student and having two part-time jobs at Fayetteville radio stations can be difficult sometimes, but Michaela says she can handle it. The radio stations help her receive hands-on experience for her major, mass communications.

"It can be kind of tough," she added. "I enjoy my jobs, so I think that makes it easier for me to have my jobs and go to school. It gets rough sometimes because you need time to study to get good grades. Those two things go hand in hand."

One of Michaela's favorite things about Motlow is how the faculty, staff, and other students have been so welcoming to her. She is on schedule to graduate from Motlow in the spring of 2014, and plans to enroll at The University of Tennessee Knoxville next fall in order to pursue her dream career of becoming a radio announcer.