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Josh Issac Melton

Motlow McMinnville Center student to be featured on NBC's 'The Voice'

From the moment Josh Issac Melton set foot on Motlow College's McMinnville Center campus, he immediately felt like he belonged. Now, with his sights set on the future, Josh is ready to make his voice heard when he appears during a commercial break of the season five finale of The Voice, premiering Tuesday, Dec. 17 on NBC.

Josh Issac Melton Hundreds of applicants applied online in hopes of winning a VIP pass, with Josh receiving the most votes. The VIP pass guarantees that he goes straight to the producers, bypassing the first few rounds of the auditioning process. Only three other VIP passes were announced for season six of the program.

Josh is currently enrolled at Motlow College's McMinnville Center, a place where he says the faculty and staff do all they can to ensure student success. He is certain that he is where he should be.

"I am a nontraditional student with big dreams, and Motlow seems to welcome all sorts of students," Josh explained. "I chose Motlow College because from the time I walked onto the McMinnville Center campus I felt accepted."

He has been extremely active in campus organizations and is a shining example of a student leader. He sang at the two most recent homecoming events at Motlow and was elected Mr. Motlow for the McMinnville Center in 2012. Josh was also elected Homecoming King of Motlow for 2011-2012 and served as vice president of the Student Government Association (SGA) for the McMinnville Center for the 2012-2013 school year.

"My goal was to make SGA an experience like students would get at a bigger college," said Josh. "We had the biggest attendance in years, and created Christmas Week in which every day of the week featured something to get students involved in the season. We also introduced a Halloween flash mob where we danced for our campus and the Moore County campus."

Josh has won several competitions and has received recognition due to his vocal talent. Some of his accomplishments include winning Warren County Idol, DeKalb County Idol, Tennessee's Got Talent at the Tennessee State Fair, and Tennessee Idol at the Grand Ole Opry. Singing, however, means more to Josh than the closing applause.

"Singing in many ways saved my life," he continued. "I feel the only time I am totally who I am and who I am supposed to be is when I am performing. I always have nerves going up on the stage, but it turns to adrenaline and I know at that moment that it's where I'm supposed to be."

Josh graduated from DeKalb County High School in 2000 and began serving in the ministry through a program called Master's Commission through Lee University. The ideals he gained have not only helped his journey to become a youth pastor, but they have ultimately shaped the man he is today.

"I am a youth pastor, and I tell all my students that Motlow is the place to be," said Melton. "It's affordable and you can still have that college experience which you have always dreamed of."

Amidst loving to sing and preach, Josh attends Motlow in order to become a teacher. Sally Pack, assistant director for student services at the McMinnville Center, has been an extremely important advisor and friend to Josh during his college experience.

"I remember the first time I met Ms. Sally Pack," he concluded. "She has a love for all students, and she helps us gain confidence and encourages us to get involved. I was driven to make her proud and to show her I can work as hard as she does."

Josh will be graduating this spring and joining the Tennessee Tech 2+2 Program in order to further his education. He admits he will be sad when he graduates, but says he is thankful for the professors and staff at Motlow College who have impacted him greatly by helping him gain self-confidence.