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Circulation Policies

Check-Out Time Lenghts


  • Circulating books: three weeks
  • Leisure books: three weeks
  • Video and audio cassettes:
    • Videos (DVS/VHS): one week
    • Audio CDs/Cassettes: three weeks
  • Reserves: in library only
  • Newspapers, magazine and journals: in library only


  • Circulating books: end of semester
  • Leisure books: three weeks
  • Video and audio cassettes:
    • Videos (DVS/VHS): one week/end of semester
    • Audio CDs/Cassettes: one week/end of semester
  • Reserves: varies
  • Newspapers, magazine and journals: one day


  • Circulating books: three weeks, two book maximum
  • Leisure books: three weeks
  • Video and audio cassettes:
    • Videos (DVS/VHS): in library only
    • Audio CDs/Cassettes: in library only
  • Reserves: n/a
  • Newspapers, magazine and journals: in library only


If a book is lost, there is a fee of $50.00, or replacement cost of the book, whichever is higher. An academic hold will be placed on the student's account until the fee is paid.

In order to check out materials, Motlow students, faculty, staff, and community borrowers must have a Motlow ID card obtained at any Motlow library branch.

Students from other colleges and universities must have a TALC Card from their home school library to check out materials from the Motlow Libraries.

Motlow students, faculty, and staff may obtain a TALC Card from their local branch of Motlow Library. This card may be used at all Tennessee Board of Regents and University of Tennessee Libraries.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan requests may be made by faculty, students, staff, and community borrowers. Request forms are available from reference staff or the patron may complete an Online Interlibrary Loan Request Form.

Requests for materials are handled at no cost to the patron. However, patrons are responsible for fines, damage, or loss. The requestor may be charged $5.00 for "not picking up" an interlibrary loan.

The following conditions govern loan requests from students:

  • Students and community borrowers are limited to requesting three (3) items at one time. Once the original three books have been returned, three additional books may be requested. Additional periodical articles may be requested once the originally requested articles arrive.
  • An Interlibrary Loan Request Form must be completed for each request. If filling out the request at a campus location, the borrower may ask for the assistance of a librarian. It is always helpful to supply a printout, photocopy, or web link of the borrower's requested source. Failure to fill out the Online Interlibrary Loan Request Form accurately and completely may result in delays.