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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the different systems?
Click here for various login information.

I am at a Motlow computer and it says it is "locked", and only the person who locked it or an administrator can unlock it. What should I do?
Turn the computer off then back on. This will allow you to log in.

What are the Technical Help Desk hours?
Fall and Spring term hours are: Monday - Thursday 7:30am until 9:00pm, and Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm.
Summer term and when classes are not in session the Help Desk is open Monday - Friday 7:30am until 4:30pm.
Closed Saturday's and Sunday's

Can I connect my personal laptop to the Motlow Moore County network using wireless technology?
Yes, login to Student network, using the same username and password as your student email account. Motlow has wireless capabilities at all campuses/buildings. NOTE: If using iPad or iPhone, please login to "Student" network.

I've been told to get Online, but I don't understand which system I need?
This can be confusing!
MyMotlow allows the student to apply for Admission, register for courses, check grades and schedules, pay bills, and various other administrative functions.
MSCC Online (also called D2L) is used once you have registered for a course and need to begin your class work. It is used by both Motlow Online Courses and ROCC/RODP courses. See differences below.
Student email allows you to check for important notices and announcement concerning classes, registration, etc.

What's the difference between MSCC Online (D2L) and ROCC/RODP?
ROCC/RODP (Regents Online Campus Collabortive/Regents Online Degree Program) are classes offered online from the Tennessee Board of Regents through Motlow College. ROCC/RODP cost more than normal Motlow courses and are identified by having a section number of R50 or greater. Motlow also offers online courses. Both of these use MSCC Online/D2L as the means to access your online course. Although RODP and Motlow Online Courses both use MSCC Online/D2L they use different Usernames and PIN's for access. For the D2L Help Desk call 931-393-1600; for RODP Help Desk call 866-550-7637.

I'm confused about PIN's and Passwords, What's the difference?
Our systems require a numeric PIN (Personal Identification Number) to login while others refer to this as a Password.
Motlow has several systems that students need to access during their course of study: MyMotlow, MSCC Online/D2L and Email.

Use the following guide:
Student Email Accounts: Username is (First Initial, Last Name and MMDD of birth date)
Password: Is the numeric pin you created in MyMotlow plus your first initial capitalized and the initial of your last name, lowercase.

MyMotlow: You must use your Student ID (your student ID number begins with "A") and the numeric pin you created when you filled out your application to Motlow.

MSCC Online (D2L) ID: Id is (First Initial, Last Name and MMDD of birth date) Password: Same password as your Motlow student email account. For assistance with D2L/MSCC Online please email

I just changed my password and now neither the old or new password works.
Close down all open Internet browser windows and then reopen Motlow's homepage and log back in.

I am trying to access the library databases, but it is not working.
Username is your Motlow student email username (only, do NOT add the and password is the same password for your Motlow student email.

I called the Helpdesk and they refused to tell me my PIN?
Due to the government privacy act, Motlow has to be careful in giving out student information over the phone. In MyMotlow, you can click on the (I forgot MY Pin) tab, answer your personal question and then reset your PIN. You can also appear in person at the Moore County Campus, Technical HelpDesk or at the Admissions Office, or the main office at your campus location, show proof of identification, and then someone will reset your PIN.